Wiring power button and charge port

Hey guys. I recently upgraded from lipo batteries to li-ion batteries with a premade enclosure. The battery pack’s charger port and power button were already pre installed. I have to remove them to wire it through the enclosure. I am unsure if there’s a specific sequence or any possible safety steps.inhave to go through when cutting and resoldering the cables. Some guidance here would be sweetMVIMG_20181213_112347

It is a good idea to use JST connectors so you don’t have to desolder and re solder the connectors like you have to do know. As far as steps, just make sure everything is unplugged from power and just unsolder the pieces.

You should always cut 1 wire at a time to avoid shorts. And like said above add in little connectors so you can easily unplug it if you need to in the future


Thanks for the info. I actually found 2 pairs of these connectors in my toolbox. Sadly id still need another pair. Regardless thanks for the info! Would make things easier in the future!

except…if/when you think you maybe pushing more than 5amps through them…then youd want something a bit more robust like xt30 or larger,… 3.5mmm bullets and up


Upgrade my ass! You wont have as much punch going to li ion. They both have their up sides. One over the other, apples and oranges type thing.

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True. I guess that is more important for charging Por if you are going with high amps… The switch, assuming is an antispark shouldn’t be pushing to many amps right?

The switch should not have high amps. Iirc, it should only hold @ most 5v and that’s just to habdle the led if there is one.

This :arrow_up: Completely finish and insulate one wire before working on another one.



And if you want to see what happens when you don’t cut one wire at a time.


Nice Finding :ok_hand:t2:

I’m sorry did you mean downgraded?

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I mean it depends on what lipos you had and what li-on config you have now.

I totally see it.


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Mobile user eh?

Like 85% of the world yes. Ironically I am usually on a PC but I’m at “work,”

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Maybe we have different resolution monitors I’ll check how my post looks like from another PC