Wiring schematic

Where should i put a buck module / UBEC for LED or USB port? Will it work? The motor is 245kv


Motor and battery combination looks fine, so does the anti-spark switch (at least that’s what I assume the yellow rectangle at the top is)

I’m a little confused by the black wire going between the two yellow rectangles in the middle…

@rpn314 I believe Koto is identifying the series connection of the two batteries at that point - as everything else is red-to-red and black-to-black. This is going to be a 8s setup, correct @Koto? It all looks good to me as well. 245kV will work. I will be running 8s on my build and I am using a 240kV motor. Check this out for more information about motor kV

Just out of curiousity, what are the rectangles labeled ‘F’ at the corner of each battery?

Ah yes. I got lost in all the lines I guess. Sorry, it’s the last week of my classes here for me. My brain is a little fried.

Ha, I understand that, I’m writing my graduate thesis in the library as we speak! Here we both are, one week before finals, playing on an electric longboard forum…priorities, right?! LMAO! This has been my brain break from the weight of deadlines crushing down on me.

Just to clarify, all yellows are connections (Xt90)

And the F was kind of mistake, it was supposed to be a female xt90

Well that makes three of us! @rpn314 @DreadBiscuit

This is more important than grad school, right? Right!?!?


yep, thats a series connection to make it 8S… hopefully