Wiring several BMS in serie on a 12S battery pack

I am currently building my own battery pack, a12S 4P using 18650 cells from laptop battery packs. I can’t find a 12S BMS. Could I use 3S & 4S BMS in serie and/or in parallel to balance charge my 12S battery pack?

That would probably not work and even if it did it would be ver very complicated. @thisguyhere may have some charge only ones but u would have to ask him

i mean, that’s technically possible but why.

i’m out of 12s bms but you could easily source on supower, ebay, etc.

takes a while to deliver so plan ahead…

Yeah, actually, this is why I’d rather not buy a 12S BMS that would take weeks to be shipped.

Seems like a pain to do it haha

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Aliexpress has plenty if them

Yeah but I would like my BMS to be delivered in less than 6 weeks ^^"

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Pay for the shipping then I ordered a smart bms from AliExpress and it was in Canada in like 10 days.

Thank you for the idea. Paying for a better shipping sadly rarely pay off. I’d have to pay 15€ extra to see the shipping delay goind from “14-17 days” to “7-15 days”. Still not good for me.

Why don’t you just run your pack without a bms in the meantime? I highly doubt you’ll find a 12s BMS that you can get shipped to you in under a week. Either way I think your gonna have to end up waiting here or paying out the ass to try and get it asap.

Shoulda planned your build a bit more :stuck_out_tongue: it happens to all of us I’m just waiting on Damn nickel to build my batteries and it was the first item I ordered for my builds :slight_smile:

Yep, I totally agree, I should have planned ahead ^^" Runnng without BMS is a good idea, though. Thanks :slight_smile: