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Wiring two batteries in parallel permanently

I’d like to take two 1800mah 6s lipos and wire them together in parallel for both charging and use on the board.

Is it as simple as merging each of the balance wires together into one balance port? (after I get both lipos balanced at the same voltage of course)

I would obviously wire the +/- together in parallel, but I just didn’t know about the balancing leads…

The basic goal for this is to be able to charge both batteries through one balance connector and one +/- xt60. Thanks all :smile:

Is this what you want?

This could be good as well to mount your xt60 to the enclosure:

Sort of…

I’d like to do it myself, so I’m just wondering if I can solder the balancing leads together in parallel permanently to get the same effect as that parallel charging lead.

You can solder the balancing leads together in parallel.
Make sure your batteries are at the same charge level before doing so.
Bear in mind that you won’t be balancing individual cells, you’ll be balancing parallel sets of two cells.
Lots of people do this without problems though.

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Sounds good: they are new batteries with less than 5 cycles a piece, so I’m confident in the balancing situation.

Hopefully I’ll solder those up today and get back to you guys with some pics :smile: