WISDOM BUILD - First DIY Build. Looking for some advice and any wisdom

Hi everyone,

It’s been reading through some of the topics and comments, I thought I could take advantage of everyones knowledge myself now.

I am looking to build a dual motor board. I live in the UK. I will use the board on roads, paths etc. These can be a little rough at times and aren’t perfectly smooth surfaces.Trying to keep my costs down as much as possible and will happily upgrade/update in the future when I can.

Deck: Still haven’t found what I am looking for. Some suggestions would be welcome and links to websites. Not looking for a big board.

Trucks: Flipsky - Double Kingpin Trucks (Includes motor mounts)


Motors: Torque Boards - MOTOR 6355 190KV x 2

Pulleys: Torque Boards - 40T KEGEL PULLEY 15MM COMBO KIT

ESC: Mboards - Dual Belt Driven Motor ESC (Includes remote) (Probably needs upgrading in the future)

Battery: MBoards - 10s2p Complete Battery Solution

Enclosure: MBoards Enclosure (292mm x 175mm x 40mm)

I have seen cheaper batteries on http://www.diyeboard.com/ but should I trust them?

Thank you everyone for any help or advice.

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Stop right there. Have you been drinking? Drugs? What’s up bro? These choice’s are screaming addiction. @b264 have you checked the mail yet

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Addiction? Can you explain further?

Yes, I could. I won’t though. :joy:

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Thank you for your support and helpfulness.

Im looking for a simple deck like this: https://www.longboardsuk.com/36-kicktail-blank-deck.html?cf_chl_jschl_tk=c4ef653cae6ef3de95144345ace734648542b82e-1617710229-0-AReg0WRcBlOb5c-kS-7eOh3ptfIGEg2AGS_jzBXfcZllOQCGsY04BSzwk7Yl_X_Q9Iz2E_PmrkbQ3dkhocpudF7lykZnKvAWvKiSSK6Jalx5kKcHS7_Uob4rtBxKSdg-tSQQ6NV-JBqqLYr9PqHEO7lV_zXxP_SdK8UrDFFKE0v8ErLpSe9ydHn3o_H2rKmW6zjeRq0XI54h8dOXLgZfv___GIVjzOQ7LrPNp7VOp49_mcO8rGglesgDsVNxvXSQUti5AUHbWSQs3cW1QIYEL0hcGXn_0kp9dfdNeo25-P6sZZq8T392VRw5pR7RKfy6sosOE-5gvg7oyIKMFN_vSt_0dzMTUFQP-pLdH4nONSjmYv10a3L3mCiFXXspuM2zLhdlu17PTCwKXNd9EwbtfLAgnnsg5v8-FBOe6fNOY4nu

Did you see that over on the other forum?

No, I found on a web search. Why do you ask?

i myself haven’t ordered from diyeboard.com but the consensus on the forum is that they offer really low quality parts that break quickly


Deck has arrived. Time to take measurements and see what route I will take.

iff you haven’t ordered your battery yet from Mboards i would also be willing to build you a battery. (this would take some time though given that i don’t have the parts in stock atm so i would have to order them on demand).

You mentioned MBoards, do you recommend them?

i don’t have any expiering with them so you would have to ask someone else i mentioned them because they were the suplier u mentioned u were looking at

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