With a little help from.... you guys :)

Hi there,

Ive been out of the game for a few years now, but now I want to see if I can throw a build together.

My first build was a a cheap one, where I CNC-ed my own motor mounts and case.

I used LiPos that are dead now.

When that board gave up, I bought a bunch of stuff, but never put the build together. I want something like a Trampa build, since I live in Iceland and streets are quite bad. Im 90 kilos and we got nothing but hills here. So it needs power.

And now I’m not up to date what the latest and greatest is, so I was hoping someone could recommend me a build (or specifically what trucks, motor mounts and boards to buy).

I have two 6374 190kv motors that I would like to use with my FSESC6.6 along with antyspark and bluetooth module. I have loads of pretty good 18650s and a spot welder, so I plan to make my own pack.

Here is a picture:

Specifically I would like to know if I should DIY a battery or buy one of those cases like Trampa big box. As well as what Trucks, board and motor mounts I should get.

With thanks in advance


seems like you have a battery plan no?

For truck get the boarnamics.com M1 drive it is fantastic and nobody has broken one yet.


Well the plan was to make my own battery, but now I see these boxes, and I was wondering if they make more sence… or if they only make sense if you dont have a spot welder :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the answer

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And if your in a hurry.

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