Work in Progress - The Juggernaut | Bittblock 6378 Motors | Dual VESC | 10S5P Battery | LED LIGHTS!

Hello Guys, I’ve recently been hard at work with my most recent builds (see other:

I am also working on this board. The Juggernaut. Named that way because of the massive power this thing has. It is a dual diagonal setup using my 6378 motors (not yet in. Going to be using a single 192 KV SK3 for now) It will (probably) have an 18/36 gearing and it will run at 10S. The battery is a custom made li-ion pack, 10S3P. The enclosure is a Psychotiller custom. The trucks are caliber II stained green. Wheels are 90mm flywheel clones. I will be using Enertion pulleys. The motor mount is currently undecided, but I will most likely be using a custom mount.

As for lights, I am using LED strip lights from hobbyking that can be controlled by a standard RC remote. I am also using shed lights as headlights. A little expensive, but the luxury is nice.

Current Pictures:


Ha! I sent you that enclosure after it was accidentally sent to me! We are both Mike D from NYC!


Another one?! How many Mike in nyc in esk8 are there?

Wait what!? Hahahah that’s so funny! Thanks man.

Yeah did you get it last Friday? And did you notice it came from NYC (28th st) and wrapped in paper bags. That was because I opened it accidentally.

Ahh yea. Well thanks anyway! Lmk if you want me to pay back for the shipping

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That green looks SHARP man! curious how you like the headlights too. I keep thinking i’ll do similar, but haven’t yet.

You guys should meetup and ride! NYC looks like a great city to esk8 in.

Look forward to seeing this rolling and done - keep up the good work.

We’ve done a bunch of NYC meet ups so far with @Mikeomania12 and @nate