Working on a proper big screen movie

Wow what a crazy and great time the last few weeks and months have been thanks to Street Wing.

The latest adventure that has come my way is working on movie!

I am currently working with a movie special effects company on a film for the big screen. It’s all top secret and strictly hush hush so I cant give away too many details other than I am helping them build a vehicle which will have a human occupant.


Great stuff ! congrats for your shop, I wish you the best, prosperity, but more importantly… loads of fun. Don’t hesitate if you need any of my support or whatever. It’s all about the community. Cheers!


@okp awww man, those are some really lovely words there man, I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy :slight_smile:

thanks for your support, it really does mean the world to me and the business.

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