Working Title | Generic Amazon Drop deck | Help with Battery | TBD | Dual or Single?

Hey! Looking to start my first build to replace my Acton Blink S…(single HUB motor) which has been fine until recently when the battery started to crap out… or maybe the motor… anyways.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the forums and watching youtube vids… and I THINK I know what I need/want… but since I’m new to this it wouldn’t hurt to ask for advice. There seems to be a lot of cool helpful people here.

I live in a hilly area (New Westminster), work in a less hilly area (Vancouver) so I’ll want more torque right?.. my commute is mostly flats/slight incline… biggest inclines maybe %20 for short distances. So dual motors? Or is single motor enough? I don’t plan on exceeding 25 kmh… 30 kph tops (15-18 mph) Good braking is also a plus.

collections/featured-items/products/dual-motor-mechanical-kit collections/electric-skateboard-power-kits/products/dual-motor-electric-skateboard-kit

The battery I’m still unsure of… it seems a lot of websites won’t ship battery packs to Canada… I might be able to pick up in WA though… thinking of battery math makes my brain hurt though :frowning:

would something like that work? I really only need around 15 kmh range (about 9 miles) and again not going all that fast… and 185 lbs… or should I just go with LiPos for my first and keep the cost down? Most other packs seem sooooo expensive!

The deck I’m hoping to just use a drop deck longboard that I got off Amazon last year, before I decided kicking was for chumps and went electric… Was thinking of building an aluminum box on the back end of the deck to house the battery/electronics… Are there any problems that would come up? Is there a reason you don’t see that very often?

Was hoping to keep this under $1000 CAD ($765 US)… but it seems like that’s wishful thinking.

Any advice would be awesome! I’m hoping to make this build uncomplicated hence the kits… so I could get it ready asap.

Also… quick sketch of what Im thinking about… go with A? or B?



I am doing dual motors for sure for my next build. Single motor traction and turning feels horrible on hills FYI. :disappointed:

What lipo setup are you considering? The 10s kit you are looking at is complete with bms and charger, but with lipos, you need your own charger and charging can be a bit of hassle if you don’t do it right.

Your remote wouldn’t like that. There are people here that can make plastic enclosures for you. :grinning:

Pick wisely. :wink:

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You could easily accomplish a very decent board for that price, the only thing that could push you over that budget would be a pre-made battery pack. I think a single 6374 motor will be fine for your needs if there aren’t too many hills.

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For 765 dollars a decent dual motor setup would not be possible, you can try out a single setup and upgrade to dual when you have the budget.

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Hey one more question if you guys don’t mind… will these two work well together?


I’ve ordered the motor kit but not the battery yet… just want to be %100 sure and get a second opinion before making that final order.


The battery would definitely work. The connector might be different from that of your esc. Did you pick a Esc btw?

Two VESC’s are included with that kit.

Thanks Zack!

you also need motor mounts and pulleys and belts

Nah, you can use a BMS and normal charger with lipos just like with Li-ion

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Just put a BMS on it and treat it like a liion with lipo cutoffs…



I knew that. Just didn’t think he would go through the trouble of getting a lipo bms and setup it all up. :smile: Getting everything you need in the box seems a lot more convenient.

You can put a li-ion BMS on it.

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I ended up just ordering a 10s3p li-ion from Mboards so I don’t have to worry my girlfriend about burning down the house…

I also ended up not opting for the flame thrower on the back.