World Cup wild card race

Wild card race. Sunday Sept 23 San Diego CA still time to regester. Will be on an indoor go-kart track open to all makes models and DIY. IMG_20180830_074342_312 IMG_20180830_074342_314


@MoeStooge promoting this knowing he’s already got it in the bag!


If one thing was learned from SPD2, top 3 boards on a short track we’re within .1 second from each other after qualifying. A DIY dual, DIY quad and fast time was set by a production board. Short track racing is about being smooth and making consistent laps. It’s a racers race to win.


Only messing with you :grinning:, I know that rider skill on those sort of corners and likewise blind luck can make all the difference.

Rubber wins on concrete. Winner will be whoever has the highest grip & highest torque combo and can stay on the edge of grip around the track.

Just a suggestion from riding my own local kart tracks… Leave the urethane at home or spray them with Track Bite…

Edit: I said highest torque not because acceleration, but because trail braking. The later you can brake to keep higher turn in speed and be on edge of grip, the faster your laps will be. Good luck whoever goes…


@MoeStooge please ensure someone films this!! :slight_smile:


That got me thinking, Maybe you should get some insurance for everyone there.] (If thats possible)

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You can always insure anything but it’s the cost, I can hear t It now “so these devices travel up to 60mhp you say… And some contestants built them themselves?” Hehe


If airsoft fields can get insurance maybe we can,

airsoft Isn’t that bad but on paper it looks pretty bad, Guns you could easily Rob someone with they are 1-1 replicas (No orange tip needed in Ireland)

You could shoot any eye out, You can use a 2.4j sniper in Austira The bbs are 6mm nice and small to hit one place painfully. (Glcok pistols are like 490j)

I went to the national airsoft event this weekend in Verwood. 3000 people getting socially lubricated and shooting each other in the face. It was magical.


what would happen if someone had electric(servo) steering on front or both trucks with a wii type joystick… and went a little wider wheelbase than stooge and put bindings on the thing and crouched the entire race? essentially a stand up kart. cycleboard track race

You’d have a messed up go cart :smile:

another classic snakeboard vs stooge on a kart track? lolsnakeboard hilarity

2 Likes michelin tires. we need that edge to compete with stooge. rofl

You need a healthy dislike for being uninjured, a couple of 8 balls and a rocket surgeon to compete with Moe :smile:

& his race team. I think he got sick of waiting for more competition so he is bringing his own :boom:

Going to need to beat the three stooges!


@mccloed (Curly Joe) will be rolling on race wheels as well. IMG_20180914_062820


This Sunday Aug23rd K-1 speed kart track in Carlsbad, CA. World Cup wild card race. IMG_20180920_174655 IMG_20180921_043342_075 IMG_20180920_174523


Had a question about that steering mechanism. I was wondering if it was commercially available, and how it works. It seems like it is just 2 connecting rods, connection to the axle, which only pivots on a plane parallel to the bottom of the board, so when you lean, you turn, but wasn’t sure, and was also was also curious how you liked that sort of a setup compared to normal trucks. Also what the advantages are to that setup?

Man when your wheels hit the market I wanna be the first in line.

I would put them on a nice 6374 4000w dual build.

So don’t realise them before I get my par-time job :joy:

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