World Record for Electronic "Skateboard" Speed

Complete Rigid: ~$120 4x VESC: ~$350 4x HummieHubs: $350 2x 12s 5Ah Batteries + Charger: ~$100-150 Wired Nunchuck (for Reliability): ~$5

So really, you need a lot more money to do this. Safety gear too. Plus renting out a tarmac.

If the community sets a bounty for setting a new record by 5-10mph, I’ll consider it if I would break even.

Where do you get those prices for VESC?

If you are willing o wait a few months, Enertion sells them with discounts (the more you buy). Pairs sell for $180, so two would be $350 more or less (shipping not included).

I wouldn’t build this till VESC 5.0 or if you feel capable of switching the current shunts with ones for 10-12s voltage at 30-60Amps. FOC doesn’t like going higher than 10s 20Amp with my current unsensored motor.

We need a drag slick for ESK8. I’d love to see some sick burn outs on a skateboard. RAD!! Urethane is for pussies. JK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The seizmic speedvents hit nearly 81mph in a downhill run which is the absolute fastest recorded speed on a longboard to date.

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I’m surprised he did that on quebec roads! They’re absolute shit!

Sooo sick!!! :thumbsup:

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And it’s the same guy that hold the electric skateboard record posted above!

What’s the theoretical max speed using 4 of your 200 kv motors, 4 vescs, on a 12s set up. I have pretty intense leathers.

I got 96kmh using the electric skateboard speed calculator with 200kv, 12S, and 70% efficiency. 1:1 gearing.

Don’t think that the @Hummie hubz are 200kv, think they are 80kv or 90kv. Wheel size is around 83mm, so that would give you around 55km/h unweighted, weighted around 39km/h

@photorph, go for it!

btw, in order to reach 100km/h unweighted, wheels must be 150mm for these motors :slight_smile:

@Hummie said in post 15 of this thread ( that he has a special version with 200kv for someone crazy enough to try this.

maybe i am the pussy here but was this not the guy who lost the rubber in his front hubs? so maybe try it with some normal outrunners via belt, i mean for the speed record in normal situation i have not heard of anyone losing his urethane.

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I’m not sure and maybe the math below is accurate. Haven’t lost any rubber that was the epic ngv video. I do have 4 200kv

did you check what happens with your urethane shell at 8500ish rpms? shouldnt it just stretch and fly off eventually by centrifugal force?

Probably. Never tried. I could add a core and should. Paint a harder duro rubber on the inside before pouring or add some fiberglass right at the center. The rubber needs improving. I’ve been good at half that speed though

@Hummie You could try putting a steel ring or belt into the urethane when you mold it. Like car tires.

Little car tires with a little tread would be awesome. Not going to happen likely. Looked into how they make those. There’s no DIY method I fear. Composites with a mix of rubbers and whatever else they can find. Still natural rubber is in there a bit. Can’t be beat

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@Photorph wanted the speed calculated with 4 200kv motors. Look above my last post.

I’d be really interested to see someone try breaking this with our improved systems.