World Record for Electronic "Skateboard" Speed

Nextboard by Next Generation Vehicles has set the speed record at 95.83km/hr (~60mph).

4WD hub motors with series 6s batteries (12s).


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Not to take anything away from this guy…but $5 says this record is broken at least twice in the next 12 months.

Should also be noted that he walks away after faceplanting at nearly 60mph. Big cajones.


I feel like this is going to be broken repeatedly until electric longboard racing becomes as popular as /insert any animal or vehicle/ racing.

Someone should cram a CF tube full of batteries (I’m thinking like 2x12s), strap it to a deck (or ride the battery tube bareback), and break the record with a 4WD setup (Standard 6374 motors, just for kicks). The record was set for electric skateboards, not for hub motor builds.

Seatbelt optional, but helmet and suit are required.

Need $200 for CF tubing, $250 for batteries, $400 for VESC(s), $300 for motors and gets, and $200 for trucks and wheels (why not?).

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I`m daily hiting speeds like 50km/h on board when going to work. So with little preparation do 100 - not so big deal :smiley:

it says in page Scorpion motors .

insane prices .

I’d constantly be worried about the urethane separating from the hubs at full speed.

I’m pretty sure that’s why he fell. If you watch it frame by frame you can see part of the wheel fly off and then he bails. When he’s carrying the board after he fell, you can see the hub motor with no rubber. Non hub motors are probably better for more speed but no skateboard wheel is designed for this kind of speed lol.

@anon94428844 /insert any animal or vehicle/ “and let the 24th annual snail-racing Grand Prix begin!”

Sounds like it’s time for the development of a wheel material that can handle more than urethane can!

Metal :joy: Or maybe clay. Lol

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Maybe what is needed is some kind of reinforcement to the wheels. Sort of like steel belted radial tires. Clearly it’s time to re-engineer the skate wheel for ESK8 purposes. IMO

… origionally, skateboard wheels were only made of metal

Are pneumatic tires allowed for setting this record?

Can u lay down. Can the board be as big as my front door.

I think just adding some fiberglass fabric in the wheel towards the inside would do a lot toward holding it.

Anyone who wants to try …(4) 200kv motors for 350$ Or use them on 6s, as apposed to 12s, and stay at 33mph

The record is 59 all those who don’t know. You can do that easily. I can’t but you can in your leather suit and full face helmet

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the pneumatic tires would hold up to the speed unlike the ones they used …prob could go faster and safer … I’ll be rooting you on if you do it …

Their wheel choice was horrible. There are many wheels in the downhill world that can handle those speeds. I guess they didn’t really have an option since they are using hub motors. The last I heard of those motors was when I was in the RC helicopter phase, basically they are used on huge helicopters to spin the rotors and have insane torque and speed.

Going fast in a straight line on perfect roads is not that hard and it does not make you a skilled skater. It’s being able to hold a line going downhill at speed that takes skills. I’d say anyone with basic long boarding experience can hit 40 mph in a straight line on perfect tarmac with protective gear. The board would have to be set up to avoid speed wobbles and the rider would need to have some balls.

I am not a pro rider by any means but I’d be stupid enough to try to break that speed in a straight line on perfect tarmac with my suit and full face helmet. The wheels would have to be bigger, board set up would have to be to my liking, and the tarmac would have to be perfect. The 2nd or 3rd time I got on a long board in my teenage years I went on a slight hill that got me up to 30 mph and this was without any gear, so that was way dumber than attempting to go fast in a straight line in a controlled environment with appropriate gear.

I wonder if anyone here can build a board that could go faster. I do think record will be broken, officially or unofficially.

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It is any easy record to break as you say. A nice round number of 60. I’m surprised it’s so low considering he’s done I think 80something as the regular downhill record.
With protective gear he even showed if you go down you can get right back up. Don’t try to roll but slide it out.

If I had the board set up and the gear and the space to do it I couldn’t help but try. Sounds fun.

I believe the the (4) 200kv motors I have could do it and am dying to get them in the hands of someone who really wants to try. Someone who simply has a good leather suit and full face helmet and the desire. 350$ for four motors if ur really thinking about it. Just need 4 vescs and not even a big battery. Probably the easiest cheapest way to get in the Guinness book without doing something gross or retarded

Sponsor me and ill do it. :joy:

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At 350 for four motors consider yourself sponsored.

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