Worst things that have happened when you let your friend ride your New esk8

There was that time my co-worker almost almost sent your EMTB into the lake…

Bara handed him the remote, he tried to put the remote in his pocket to strap into the emtb and the throttle triggered.

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When my friend tried mine (he had never ride a skateboard before) he lost his balance and acidentaly punched me in the face…

Mine after ridding my board for a solid 20 minutes arround the campus, seated in it because he don’t know how to ride, stopped the board by drive it in a big sand path on the side of the road, obvious we are right in front of the machine shop of one of ours projets (BAJA), so the sand was more metal shavings than sand, I expended the next hour opening the motor and removing crap from the magnets so I could go home, the motor couldn’t even spin


I left a party at sunrise so drunk once and decided I’m still gona ride the board home as it weighs a ton,so i rode my board home…knowing how drunk I was and having ended up in hospital before with a broken cheekbone from being towed by a moped home on a push bike drunk when I was like 18…14 years ago!..older and wiser now so went less than walking speed,half way home my mate that lives near me over took me walking lol apparently I had a wobble on and it wasn’t from speed! In my mind I was like the sunglasses thug life meme!..no crash just a funny story!!


Oh yea that’s right Hahaha

I had a recent accident where trigger of the remote got stuck and left the guy clueless as what to do… though it happened indoors and, he somehow got stuck against a wall and made a massive burnout on the floor…

I must point out that i had pneumatics, so there was a bit of a rubber trace on the floor afterwards, the people who were responsible for this.room were not that happy…

One other time there was also this clueless guy who really loved to just floor it (the throttle) and it didnt matter to him whenever motor was cogging or not…

In the end i was left with destroyed belt and had to drive home like a hobo… since some part of belt teeth were missing… imagine going with such belt longer distance where almost every moment u hear the non teethed belt touching the pulley and sliding.

Should have some pictures but basically it was something like 85% of time belt wad functioning and the rest not.

Third case

I gave the board to try to someone who hasnt ridden a lot (skateboards), even if he had experience how to gently apply throttle, for some odd reason he lost balance while going 3mph / 5kmh and landed on his knees (due to bindings)… short ride and his jeans were busted not to mention blood on his leg.

Ah actually got 4th case too… there were a couple of skaters together and i said.to.them to be genttle with brakes… ok so some time passes, they have switched people who ride.and.this.one guy gains really good speed and.then.tries to brake by slamming the trigger… didnt end too well for him though it was a good thing he knew how to fall, so he just rolled it out on his back even if he didnt know what was happening and why he is off the board.

I suppose it is really tricky to give boards with too much power or strong brakes to anyone… also people who are careless and just want to gun it without paying attention are.the worst.i think

Really nice.topic btw… since.the first acciddnt i mention happened.like 2 days ago


Now I gotta wonder - Do you still dare to lend your board to people? :joy:


would’ve made him pay for every single thing he broke

Well… it sure is tricky… im not even sure how to filter out the bad people, since if there is a little crowd they might just jump on the board and try to get away even if they dont have a clue how to properly start or slow down… sadly

Yeah, some people are pretty rude.

I’ve not yet had a bad experience with lending mine out, most people been terrified of it and really cautious.

I’ve had a close call myself however, some guy wanted to speed to make it to a turn before another car came. So he speeded and pulled left infront of another car and across the “crossplace” for bikes and walking people, which is were I was located. He wasnt many centimeters away from my tail…

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Yeh, i know the cautious ones. Sometimes they just need a few meters / feet to know it is not for them :smiley:

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I let @Moja ride my eMTB in Golden Gate Park during the first Raptor 2 demo day, and he started doing all these huge effortless ollies, 180s, and even a 360, IIRC; stuff I do snowboarding, but haven’t grown the balls to do on my 35lb. monster board yet. He didn’t break anything, but he did unintentionally bruise my ego…a little bit. :broken_heart: :disappointed: :laughing:

(I secretly hoped he might actually break something so I’d know if there were any weak points in my setup. He didn’t, so that made me feel a little better.) :wink:


Hey @JohnA … So I could be wrong, but it kinda seems like it’s your fault. Like maybe if the build quality was a bit higher it wouldn’t of broke? It seems like a good high quality esk8 should have no issue with a small gap. Perhaps your friend should be upset for you breaking him rather than him breaking your board? Just a thought. And maybe none of it would’ve broke if it were actually a quality ride? Who knows…

@toocool4you I’ll have to post a picture of the gap he shot. Lmao

My buddy James dislocated both arms and opened his forehead…that’s gotta be pretty bad yeah?

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@squishy654 that sucks. I think it would help if people wouldn’t ride above their limits… but damn that would be a terrible recovery


@squishy654 that’s a great video, I honestly feel like everyone should watch this before riding an Esk8

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@johna Lol or maybe your friend is just actually a jack ass and went through the effort of creating an account just to fuck with you.

@toocool4you figures, texted you right after I saw it lol