Worst things that have happened when you let your friend ride your New esk8

Let my friend ride my newly finished board today, he tried to over a huge pothole leaving the board in the hole and him face planting on the cement at 12mph. Boards left with a broken and bent back truck, and since I used welded motor mounts I have to redo it all lol. Anyone have any good stories of friends riding their boards?

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my friend gassed it on a downhill and was too scared to use the brakes… he slammed into one of those weird little road siderail thing at like 15mph lol


those are the thickest mounts ive ever seen holy shit


5/8 inch 6061 barstock :sunglasses:

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Some asshole told called me a racist and said fuck you to me bc I didnt let him ride my board… He was a stranger and one of those ghetto kids that think that theyre the shit in our school. I then i said okay go on and I let him cruise at like 8mph for a bit with me holding the remote and I pumped the breaks and he busted his ass lol.


130lb friend thinking he could handle smashing the throttle on my my 4wd torqueboards hub board at 25mph. One of the wheels broke traction causing ot to pull to the side and it launched him.

Wrapped up hisnhand then got the wrap stuck in his scabs lol


Nothing too bad with a skateboard yet but I’ve had someone crash into a tree with my ATV before. Bent the fuck out of the frame, he was unharmed. . . Tree was shook.


The lesson: You should bury your own bodies.

I let my dad stand on my board and I had to catch him as he was falling :confused: Kinda scary but hes fine.

the fuck is that in his hands?

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IKR? even thicker than mine, and mine are thick. His are DAYUM!

@NNGG Gauze bandage stuck to the scabs. Hurts like a bitch if you try to pull it off.


Strands of the cotton from the bandage he couldnt get off lol

my 70 years old colleague once wanted to borrow my board, and I didn’t, his was very anger at me…

I really don’t get people…it’s your shit, and you have no obligation to let them ride it, especially if they have no respect for what the board can do and underestimate it, so why do they get mad?

It’s not a toy car for goodness sakes!

Good. Your esk8 survive to live another day.

I’d be more worried about his 70yr college lol

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Friend had been wanting to ride mine, so I gave him the remote with the normal disclaimers. Expected him to stay within view, but he took off around the corner and was gone for too long. When he came back I could hear the board making weird sounds. I don’t know what happened but he broke the mount, bent the motor shaft, and shredded the belt.


I let my mate ride my esk8 the other day. I had said to him when we last got together in April that I could get some parts together one day and build him one. I’d never got round to it but as he lives nearly 1000 miles away in a different country, out of sight, out of mind… My new board was so much more refined than the last one he had seen and with the usual disclaimers he shot off across the car park. (I’m confident in his riding skill, he’s a ski/snowboard instructor) Then he disappeared of around town for about 10 mins. Starting to worry a little, he finally arrived back with a massive grin on his face as he thrust a huge wad of cash into my hands. So there is the short terribly sad story of how I became boardless… for now…


Good friend you are! Ive turned down quite a few friends oiffers lol.


That’s not the worst. He could have run away… Lose a friend and get an eboard for free is not so difficult for some people. I hope your friend recovers fast.