Worth it? - Opinions and Experiences Needed

If you want to skip the introduction and want to know the important skip until next bold Hello everyone, I’ve been reading and watching several videos about the mechanics behind all of this but have found an obstacle, this will be a weird discussion. I have little to no experience with long boards, I was really small when my father tried to make me follow his youth passion, I know how to stay stable and do some simple turns but that is almost nothing. On top of it, I am currently doing an exchange student program, I am from Portugal but decided to come to the US for a full year. I’ve got 7 months and found this to be a good opportunity for me to expand my experiences and knowledge even further while at the same time giving me the freedom I wanted, being able to go somewhere without asking for permission from my host parents. I almost know enough about the mechanics to start putting up my first build. Usually each year I would take on a new challenge and do it with someone different, medieval weapons, build computers, do rc cars and boats, but all of this with the tools I’d acquired over time. I know my host family has some basic tools but I am pretty sure there is nothing besides household related tools. Do you think I should keep investing energy into something that I barely have experience with, almost no tools to work with and no support from anyone else?

For those who skipped: I have almost no knowledge on how to ride a skateboard. Found it interesting and a fun challenge at the same time being useful for me. Almost don’t have access to tools and help. Do you think, based on your experiences, is it worth to take this on in the situation I am?

Thanks for the amazing articles I’ve been reading and for making this forum an healthy place to learn.

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Welcome to the esk8 forum and to the USA. You see we are not so bad here in the USA after all. I felt like answering you because I am very new to this. So new that I still haven’t finished my 2 builds. Our experience level is similar…ZERO! I am waiting on some MORE parts to finish my semi custom builds. If you think you will enjoy riding an electric board, then by all means I recommend that you continue and start a “build” as it is called. There are many great people on this forum selling all of the parts that you need so you can fit them together easily. Boards are a bit complicated so keep reading this forum for information and advice. Here is some information you should share with some of the more experienced members so they can better help you. How much can you spend? Do you want a board already made or do you want to buy parts separately and put it together yourself? Street or off road use? Are you looking to cruise for long periods or do you want something fast. Height, weight. Also remember protective gear. Hope this helps. Ask away and they will come out of hiding to assist you. This is a very friendly community… :grinning:

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If u decide to pull the trigger im pretty sure u gonna get all the answers and help you need to successfully put it together

Thank you @Pablo_702 and @rodriguejoe1. For the ones hiding in that have some free time, what would be the default parts that you would advise? -Budget less than 500 dollars -Weight 65 kilos. -Height 1.75m . -Meant to be used on side walks and roads. -Don’t need an usual amount of speed. -Daily rides would be 5-10 miles, range would have to be at least 10 miles. Extra, I used to have a old styled longboard that was my dad’s but with all I’ve read I think I should go for a camber deck shape. Around me it’s rare to see a hill… the main objective is school home transportation and be able to go to “near” places.

Olá, bem-vindo ao fórum. I’m also a portuguese here in the forum but still living in Portugal. :smile:

Building an electric longboard is a very nice project. I bought a pre-made from China and I didn’t regret it yet but sometimes I have an hurge to build one myself. I even investigated all the necessary parts and configurations and every day I think of what deck I would like to have.

With a good choice of parts I think you won’t need any special tools do assembly your electric longboard. You may have to solder somethings but I think you can get some friend of a friend to help you with this. You can even get someone interested in building his own electric longboard at the same time.

Good luck with your electric longboard project and keep us posted about your progress.

*83mm wheels or larger *Wide trucks (caliber II fifty 50°) is what most people use *With your weight and not many hills u dont need a huge motor (a 5055 190kv motor like the ones torqueboards sells will do fine) *6s batteries *Good and reliable controller, like the hk gt2b and maybe a mod for it if u want smaller, i highly recommend MasterCho mod for gt2b

.[quote=“Pablo_702, post:6, topic:11187”] MasterCho mod for gt2b [/quote]

do you understand what this means… The first time I read it I didn’t understand…

Ok the controller is a critical part of your build (really everything is) but if u have a bad controller/receiver u can be in a place u dont want to be really quick (losing signal before a stop where theres cars driving is no bueno) And theres many controllers out there some of them good some of them not so good, the GT2B ist veen out for some time its been tested by many esk8ters and is just a good,cheap and reliable set up, the only drawback is that it could be bulky thats why theres a lot of modifications for it, (masterCho, bad wolf, buffalo, etc) just type gt2b mod and it will pop up. And most of them are really simple to do ,basically you are taking all the electronics out of the original enclosure and transfer the to a smaller 3d printed enclosure for it

So I purchased two HK GT2B controllers, took out the guts and FLATLINECUSTOMS is making these for me and he is putting them together. You can have FLATLINE make these for you. He has the GT2B and makes the MODS (the yellow and orange plastic parts). Now the controller is not bulky as Pablo mentioned. http://esk8content.nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/uploads/db2454/optimized/3X/2/a/2a00a746b456802c2a4bc0d52e8e06b60fabf8d5_1_690x388.jpg


esc- https://electric-skateboard.market/product/fvt-6s-120a-esc-sensored/ motor- diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/electric-skateboard-motor-5055-190kv/ do you think this mount will work with this motor? http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motor-mounts-45-00-free-shipping-ollin-and-30mm-dia-hole-pattern/9859/33 This could seriously save me a lot of money, after it I would only need to get the rest that could get to around 30 dollars instead of getting a 200 dollar kit controller- the one you said seems fine, might even get on from diy since the modding might bump its price by a reasonable amount. trucks- https://calibertruckco.com/product/ii-tone-50/ x2 wheels- http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blank-Pro-90mm-Baby-Blue-Longboard-Flywheels-ABEC-7-Bearings-Spacers-/142052247974 a 6s battery around 8amps or maybe 2 5amps so I can get more than 10 miles of range. charger- http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_5548__IMAX_B6_50W_5A_Charger_Discharger_1_6_Cells_GENUINE.html Still looking for a deck, planning on visiting the store I googled today, maybe they’ll see the trucks I want to cut down on the shipping. What do you think? Do you have any cheap deck that might suit my needs in mind? Thanks for the continuous information @Pablo_702 @rodriguejoe1

Já estive a ver os teus posts sobre o teu esk8, pode ser chinoca mas olha que é bem bonito. Foi muito dificil habituares te à longboard? Já não lhes toco há quase quatro anos… @sismeiro



Hi, I never built my own electric longboard but I think you are choosing the right components. I believe the ESC is the same I have in my chinese clone. I hope that it can be configured to accelerate and brake smothly because mine is very nervous.

What is the expected speed you want? You will need to use the http://toddy616.blogspot.pt/2013/07/electric-skateboard-calculator.html?m=1 to verify the components like the wheel and motor pulleys size, the motor KV and the voltage you will use. Here is an example:

Usually with 190 KV motors people use higher voltages, like 8S to 10S or 12S if the KV is lower than 190 KV. Later if you upgrade to a VESC you may be careful with the maximum RPM, don’t go above 8500 rpm while choosing the motor KV and the battery voltage.

@MiguelNeves Estiveste a ler o meu blog? Nunca me tinham dito que a longboard era bonita. :slight_smile: Não fui difícil habituar-me mas eu nunca tive um skate nem nunca tinha andado de longboard. Fui-me habituando, dá para ver nos meus videos que fui melhorando com o passar do tempo.

Batteries- Turnigy 5000mAh 6S 20C Lipo Pack (40.432= 80.86) http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9176__Turnigy_5000mAh_6S_20C_Lipo_Pack.html Trucks- Caliber II 50º (20.52= 41) https://calibertruckco.com/product/ii-tone-50/ Wheels- 90mm Flywheels + ABEC 7 Bearing + Spacers (~25) http://www.ebay.com/itm/Blank-Pro-90mm-Blue-Longboard-Flywheels-ABEC-7-Bearings-Spacers-/142052238915 Motor mount and clamp from our friend (45) http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/motor-mounts-45-00-free-shipping-ollin-and-30mm-dia-hole-pattern/9859 Motor- 190kv (70) https://electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374/ Controller/receiver- (30) https://electric-skateboard.market/product/2-4ghz-mini-remote-receiver/ ESC- (60) https://electric-skateboard.market/product/fvt-6s-120a-esc-sensored/ Wondering if I should just take the kit… (140-160) https://electric-skateboard.market/product/esk8-starter-kit-motor-esc-controller/ Charger- IMAX B6 (25) http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_5548__IMAX_B6_50W_5A_Charger_Discharger_1_6_Cells_GENUINE.html Drive pulley kit- (42) http://www.enertionboards.com/electric-skateboard-parts/9mm-wide-drive-pulley-kit/

Looking for more ways to cut down on the total cost, still have to fit in the deck. For the start I am considering only buying one of the two batteries I think I need. Didn’t add the shipping costs yet but this might get complicated but for now it seems like a reasonable first build. Do you have any suggestions for my first deck? I used to have a traditional cruiser that my dad gave me long ago, I am pretty sure I can easily get going with one but not so sure for 3-6 mile trips where there are more aspects to it. If I can’t come to any decision on the deck I will eventually visit the skateboard shop downtown but the skateboard shops around here seem to be much more turned to fashion than usability. What do you guys think so far?

You can first see here http://www.customskateboards.com/Blank-Longboards if you have a preferred longboard shape. Eventualy you can buy your deck there but I don’t have any information about the quality but I’m very keen to buy one to test.

I started purchasing longboard and parts before I even being able to do longboarding. A year later i still suck at longboarding! Although my balance and skills improved, I still feel that I still could do more.

Dont be afraid to get started. You shod be afraid not trying at all and regret it.

Check skateshred.com and go to blank decks

I have found this deck, http://www.skateshred.com/index.php/wholesale-blank-longboard-decks/40-x-9-5-pintail-dark-walnut-dw40.html also went to the store and their prices were just too high for a default, could always costume it and ask for the proper things on it like the right trucks and wheels, just goin to email them about it and compare prices again. Apart from this the build does seem pretty solid right? Only doubt I now have is how am I going to attach the wheel pulley to the wheel? I need an extra metal ring to do so… and if I’m completely right it isn’t included in any of the parts I’ve listed.

Hi Miguel,

Thanks for you interest in Polar! Let me know if you have any questions. If you are not in a rush I am working on full pulley / belt kits for flywheel, so you would be able to save a little there. I am not sure how log it will be tho, so if u need them soon I would just go with Enertion. The parts look great for what you are going for.

Miguel are you wanting to get the parts in Europe or USA, because if have corresponding parts in Europe.


Also have a pulley kit you could buy for flywheels

@ajaynagra Yeah I didn’t even think about that part… I will be living in the US for the rest of the year… definately will have to change anything that’s from your shop :frowning: Thanks for reminding me