Would a 10s5p Pack like this be possible?

Opinions on this space efficient packing set-up? 12s4p


ehhhhh that would be way to difficult to spot weld.

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I don’t have a spot welder so it doesn’t matter anyway…just gonna solder with 10/12 AWG because that’s all I can do

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hehe you’ll rethink that decision, solder just dosdent stick well trust me (i tried it with 30 hg2’s didnt go well) and it degrades the battery by a preety decent amount

and is that the new asus zerphrus?

Nah…Scar I from costco

Already broke it skateboarding from class…I’m devastated

Haha it seemed like it for a second.

Whatcha did?

Banked a bit to hard to avoid the road and the wheels hopped over the asphalt/concrete transition…rolled onto my back and the corner of the case has a tiny crack to show for it…lost all 3 of my mechanical pencils so I had to use a normal pencil like a peasant

oof hurts man, should just get a uni kuru toga, pencil those pencils are the shit.

Ooh that’s a sexy pencil…love that 0.5mm

i think they have a 0.3mm version i love those because they make my hand writing look good and i can write at any angle perfectly.

Damn, I’m sold

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plus its a engineering marvel, it rotates the lead every time you press down so you’ll always have a sharp point…

i feel like a salesperson :joy:

Sure! Just make sure each P-group gets two of the brown cells and three of the green cells.

That was a mock up… I never mix cells of different ages or different capacity.

I’m guessing 30q and 25r don’t work well together…

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Soldering the cells does work; you don’t HAVE TO spot weld, but it’s highly, highly recommended

I’ve tried but failed, solder just doesn’t sick as well as spot welds lol

They would work together if matched in the P-groups, but it’s not recommended and I’d make sure to have a very robust balancing system (at least 150mA) if you did that.

It’s far better to use the same make & model cells for the entire pack, and the same age cells.

Did you rough up the surface or use flux paste?

Yes… I used 100 grit sandpaper


The pack that I have at psychotiller is a 30q pack 10s4p around 3 discharge cycles so it would be fine to add 10 new cells.

With 3 discharge cycles it shouldn’t be a problem, as long as you have a BMS that balances the cells

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