Would a 10s5p Pack like this be possible?

Would a 10s5p pack like this be possible? (i know its possible but way to hard speaking) and have I been dreaming too much?

since this tb rocket only fits 9 cells wide the p groups would all not be the same but none the less it is 50 cells.

Sanebattery1 Sanebattery2 Sanebattery3

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Gonna strap my tb DD on these when i get em, thought bigger would be better on a build like that.

Can you raise the end cells in each row and get 10 that way? Or rotate the 4 columns on a side to fit them that way?

NOpe… this is the only way.

Exact dimensions of the interior? I’ll do some quick CAD

just trust me dosdent work. each cell is 18mm wide so 50 cells 25 per collum would be 450mm which is equal to 17.71 inches which is too long.

the deck has a cutout if you can see and i need to fit my eswitch within that.



Same height but a little narrower… everything is to scale

40x17.5 vs 40x16.4 cm

that would be even more difficult than the original design?

Looks easier to me Except where is the bms

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Nah…4 p-packs on the left and 6 on the right…5 cells each

hmmm wondering if nickel can bend that much… :rofl: my deck doesn’t have space for wires on top of the cells.

That’s the thing…it has to be elsewhere

Yeah than the original design is more compact anyways it wont matter because im using a enertion eswitch so there will be no need for a bms

dave is working on my 10s4p pack wanna see if he can turn it into a 10s5p, really want to say ive used a 10s5p before lol

The 9x5 +5x1?

??? :disappointed_relieved:

You’re sticking with what you have on the board now?

maybe or your design. depending if @psychotiller :wink: can change my pack from 10s4p to 10s5p and if he can do that I wanna see which one is more convenient for him and if he cants do it than ill just stick with my 10s4p :sweat_smile:

too bad he broke his bones…

Oof…what happened to him?

He Apple when he should have banana