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Would anyone in the Seattle area like to buy my parts?

I started on a mission to have a working eBoard but unfortunately life has got in the way and I need the money more than I do an eBoard. The board was in a working state for a while but I blew a motor controller chip on my VESC. I only rode the board for two days so the parts are in like new condition for the most part. I have the VESC and a new chip ready to be soldered on. Parts list below with the prices I paid listed:

  • Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374-192kv - $80
  • LHB Motor Mount. $67
  • Zippy FlightMax 6s 8,000mAh Batteries have been split to make them flatter on the board.- 2 x $75
  • Caliber II trucks in gold - $40
  • OllinBoard VESC $110
  • 97mm Flywheel clones. Drive wheel lathed down for motor clearance. $40
  • Arbor Axis GT deck 7/10 condition. - $80
  • GT2B with completed BadWolf case mod. $50
  • SPD/SI Motor pulley and belts $40
  • 3D printed wheel pulley $10
  • 8AWG wire and XT90S wiring loom for operating the batteries in series $15

In total I have spent around $800 including taxes and shipping as well as various other bits of wiring and skate hardware.

I am looking to get $500 for the whole setup. I am pretty firm on the price and not wanting to split parts up. The only reason I’m looking for people in my area is I do not want to deal with the dangers/logistics of shipping 12s LiPo.

Interested. Photos??

I’m at work at the moment but I will update with photos around 10PM PST.

Here’s a quick photo album: The deck has some wood screws left in it from when I was experimenting with different enclosures. I can remove them and you can regrip the board if the holes bother you. The VESC has the shrink tube opened up to allow replacement of the DRV. The BadWolf controller has a strip of velcro on it that allows it to be stuck to the bottom of the board.

pretty cool setup man. I’m in LA so i don’t I meet your no-ship criteria but for the benefit of the community I’d post a few more pix.

I’m in Seattle and would like to check it out. Where in Seattle and meetup?

Hey sl33py I’ll shoot you a private message.