Would it be possible to use an electric scooter hub motor?

I know that I can hook up the wires but how could I mount it?

It’s possible with some ingenuity. I have 5 of them that I want to do something with.

What are you trying to build exactly

Just trying to upgrade my current AT board. It has spring trucks right now. I did mount hoverboard motors on them but it is different when the hub motor has a small axle coming out both sides of the hub.

Right. It’s not hard if you can machine parts or can weld. Welding is the easy part. . . Does the axle fit the diameter of the hub motor?

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Oh I don’t know I haven’t even bought the motor yet. Just planning.

Where you located at? I have some if you are interested.what kind of spring trucks? I have some old spring mbs trucks, I will see if they fit…

Thanks but I already have the trucks.

I realize that. Just to see if they fit. . And since I’m a genius that happens to be a professional jimmyrigger I may share the solutions engineering with everyone.

I would love that!

Where are the hub motors you are looking at getting? Just curious

I have one from a bird scooter right now so I just need one more. So that I guess.

Have a picture?


Yea I got 5 350watt one’s.

That’ll work

You want to buy. A pair?

Oh no thanks, that’s not what I meant. Sorry.

Well fine. I will sell them to Billy then.

Ugh be that way. Lol :joy:

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