Would Love Some Support in my College Application Process

Hello everybody, I am applying to colleges now and a large part of my essay is talking about my process building an electric skateboard, to help support the strength of my essay I made a youtube video and would greatly appreciate it if anybody could take a second to like the video and maybe even ask a question so that I could link the video in my essay thanks so much here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLioOB60_H8

Edit: I accidentally left some typos in the videos. Because of this, I had to re-upload the video and change the typos. If anybody still feels like going to the video, I have updated the link to the proper video.:grinning:


Wil do when i get home today. Commenting so i wont forget


thanks so much

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Nice job on video. Your knowledge and passion comes across in the video. You do a good job explaining the different parts of the esk8 and how they work together. I agree with you that you will have bugs (APS motor shaft is too big for motor pulley) and finding solutions is rewarding.

Here is some feedback:

With the audience in mind, going slower on each part of the esk8 with different video angles. There is a lot you could say, sometimes simple and to the point with good views on the part would help. One point in video your body was showing, at another the esk8 enclosure hit the camera. The angle of the video doesn’t give a good picture of the parts.

There were rough editing, maybe consider shading to black or inserting text with your main points like “Esk8: VESC” or “MOTOR” to break up the video. By stopping the video you can do things that don’t need to be show on the video.

There was some repeating of points.

You seem to know this forum and your parts. Consider listing the parts you used in the comments. Links to professional builders, parts, motors, etc.

eBay sells 10mm motor pulley

So does APS

What colleges?

Thanks for the feedback, I realize that the quality isn’t that great and that’s because I made it today with my first deadline at midnight tonight so I am trying to rush through apps and don’t have time to fix it. I would love to do a high-quality video but I have so much to do tonight I can’t possibly manage it. I also realize that motor pulleys are available in that size but they are much harder to come by, at least in my experience.

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Columbia is due tonight, but I’m also applying to Carnegie-Melon, Cornell, Rutgers and a few others.



Haha, that’s if I get into any of them :sweat_smile:

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