Would this setup cause any problems evolve bamboo

Hi again guys, Getting used to the bamboo now and I actually quite like it! Bit better than I initially thought at getting up hills. Anyway ground clearance is a bit of an issue as this thing sits very low with it being a drop through. And have scuffed the battery cover already. I was wondering if I put the truck under the board as in pic below rather than it dropping through would it cause any problems? As this would then give me plenty of ground clearance. I know it doesn’t look that great but if it helps protect it I’m all for it. Thanks in advance.

You shouldn’t have any issues other than the feel of the board may change a bit.

Lower boards are usually more stable.

I have a drop through and love it!

It should be fine. I’ve run both ways. The difference in stability is not enough to worry about. I doubt your going much over 20mph with this board anyway. Ground clearance is much more important for a commuter board going over speed bumps and such. If you beach the battery box, your gonna go flying or at best just tear things up. You’ll be able to make sharper turns with the extra deck clearance now and that’s a plus. Be advised that the sidewinder trucks are not designed for high speed stability but for low speed carve ability. I have used these trucks in the past and I’d recommend keeping the bushings fairly tight.

Great thanks guys will try it like this then. :smile:

Loads of ground clearance now! :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’ll be able really carve on this now be Use of the placement of the motor. I tried this on my bamboo and the envelope with the motor housing doesn’t work. Be careful with your first test ride.

It should ride like the Evolve Pintail Gen2, its fine

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Seems to ride fine guys but the motor cable does seem a little tight now. Took the cover off the esc though to see how much spare cable was in there and seems a fair bit so will hopefully be OK. :slight_smile:

I see the DIY inside of you lol

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Look at my bamboo

Lol looks exactly like mine! I also have a bustin Brooklyn board! I thought about changing decks. My bustin one isn’t a drop through though and doesn’t look as nice.

Hi Ant,

How is your Gen2 going? Still wotkinh good? I was thinking in buying one but i have some doubts about his ability about climbing hills. I donnt need more than 20%. Please let me know about your experience.