Would you dare to go top speed with this?

Would you dare to?


That looks like a 4WD set up and I legit do not recommend that to anyone who is less than 250 pounds.Am wondering what type of hub motors are they using to achieve such speed and how would they go against a 4WD carvon set up, selling a 4WD drive is like selling a bike with a rocket engine.For one tho the cost is high so I dout they’ll be anyone not knowing what there getting into, just it’s so dangerous. Hope @Michaelinvegas could chime on who would win,carvon 4WD or nextboards

It depends. Next Boards would win for speed but carvon would smash it in the torque department

Gotta push start a Nextboard lol

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Define “win” ha ha

I’ve heard that @longhairedboy is currently trying this atm from @onloop Any input on the torque on this? :smiley:

"According to the company, what makes their product so unique is the fact that this is the only electric longboard in the world able to compete with conventional skateboards in terms of reaching similar speeds. Riding an electric longboard, you will go, according to NGV, just as fast as you would on your ordinary longboard when making a free drop. The team plans to set a speed record riding an electric longboard, starting off by trying to break the 100 km/h limit.

The ‘Next Boards’ product will be available in 3 various models, depending on your needs and interests: the Bullet with a 4-wheel drive was created to reach very high speeds of over 100 km/h and is powered by four 2600 W electric motors and a 400 Wh battery. The board comes with industrial SKF bearings and with standard-dimension-wheels, which are custom-designed for reaching high speeds.

The Fun model also comes with a 4-wheel drive, powered by four 2000 W electric motors and a 200 Wh (or 400 Wh) battery, meeting the requirements of experienced, expert skateboarders as well as beginners, since they are able to adjust their maximum allowed speed, ranging from 20 km/h to 70 km/h. Other adjustable parameters include acceleration, braking power, braking speed, final braking power and gas sensitivity.

If you only wish to use the longboard recreationally, then you should opt for a 2-wheeled Cruiser with two 2000 W electric motors and a 200 Wh battery. You can set your top speed between 20 km/h and 50 km/h, as well as other skating parameters.

NGV’s project is backed by Guiness World Record holder for the fastest skateboard speed from a standing position, Mischo Erban, who reached his top speed of 130 km/h on an ordinary longboard. For him and other skateboarders of similar rank, the company designed the Bullet model.

All the boards come with custom-made wooden decks (nine layers of maple veneer), high quality Ronnin or Randal trucks, custom-designed motors (optimized for skateboard use), industrial bearings and quality custom-designed wheels (with a quick-change option). To prevent dust and particles from entering the interior of the electric motors, they are almost hermetically tucked inside the wheels. Charging the battery will only take 1,5 hours – on a full charge (and not going too fast) users are expected to reach somewhere between 10 to 15 kilometers." - Source

I’m still curious how guinness would consider that run a world record when the wheels fell off?


It’s 4WD One would think it would have sufficient torque lol

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maybe maintaining structural integrity wasn’t part of the criteria for achieving a speed?

Perhaps we should rethink everything we know about electric skateboard speed records.

lets run raw bearings on axles and just strap rockets to the deck and see what happens.


still doing the detail work on the aesthetics. Last night i was adding chrome. It’s not only a 10A 12 x 3.85v lipoly build, its the fast one.

I can verify that this board thinks “25mph is barely tolerable and omfg what’s wrong with you just pick it up a little christ.” I took it down the street the other night after i got the base coat on it. You kick start it. And you better kick start it hard and get moving because once the wheels kick on you had better have already set your running-tuck stance.

my usual barefoot-on-mask-paper (do that to not mark the finish) derp runs to make sure the shits behaving had me a little more startled than usual, had to go back for shoes and gear. IT won’t cruise slowly. This is not a commuter. its fine doing 25 but that is literally the bottom of the throttle.

i got more pics coming, the board is a lot further along than this.


Shiiiiiitttttt I just creamed myself :hushed:


just posted a small gallery of it on insta. the designs for the aesthetics have been a bit fuzzy but i think we’re finally getting it down.


It’s totally a sword now, I love it!

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Honestly, If I could familiarise myself with the set up, get a few charges of riding time in, slowly porgressing in speed I would be intrested to try :slight_smile: . But If I get a weird feeling or loose confidence I would stop. Anything above 70 km/h needs to be near perfect. Otherwise my balls or my need for risk isn’t big enough. Still would be intresting to see how different the feel would be especially the weight with speed compared to my donwhill set up. Still a 100+ is scary as fuq, everytime over again.

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Usually when something gets called a record it’s because it’s a standard that is hard to repeat. Usually the record setter knows they are at their personal best. Shit malfunctioning and falling apart set a standard for a mechanical limit not a speed record

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Is a pitty to give the hard life of a skate to this magic sword. Props dude! that’s f@cking next level deck.

Who are you and what have you done with @psychotiller? That response was well thought out and didn’t have anything to do with my mother.

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