Would you recommend this Leafboard?

Would you recommend this or custom build??

Thanks Reuben

Don’t buy that please, It’s a crappy product that’s gonna brake in a couple weeks, if it arrives at all

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What makes you say that.

  1. the price
  2. the specs
  3. fundraising
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At this point, I personally wouldn’t buy an off the shelf board until it’s been tested by the public for a bit. I got and EGO and an Evolve off pre-order and had many issues with both. I got the EGO first and I had ESC, motor, and remote failures in the early months. I was well taken care of by the company and eventually upgraded my board to the latest version at no charge after the warranty was out. The final result was a very reliable board that has given me zero issues, not even a dropped connection. With the Evolve I had major connection issues, a couple broken axles, poor construction, burned out a wheel, poor board quality… Evolve too was very helpful and took care of everything, but it was all still a bit of a pain.

I highly recommend both companies and their level of customer service was excellent, but growing pains are part of being an early adopter and if you’re not ready for it, it can be sort of a pain. Going the DIY route isn’t problem free, but you have the option of going with well tested parts not to mention a setup that is exactly what you want.

K thanks. the price is 699 retail

…and you can repair anything that breaks yourself without having to ship your board around the world a few times. Well said @Mrmoonlight

It seems a little disingenuous to claim that our forum “featured” Leafboard… it’s more likely that it was discussed and identified as “probably not something any of us would buy.”

They probably searched “leafboard” on google and reported every result. That tells a lot about the company. Just look at what they’re advertising, 28% hills? 18,5 km range with a 5000 mah? Not even on 12s

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You bring up a very good point. It helps to consider where you’re purchasing from as well. Shipping costs and times can really add up. Not just when you first order something, but if you ever have to send something back for repair. If it’s as whole board, that could get pricey. If it’s just a VESC, it’s not such a big deal. You may just have to wait awhile.

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Ok yhanks a mill

dude i was looking at the leafboard, but i backed out of it last minute. if u saw the comments on it, they lost like 70k or something cause they’re just a sketchy company. a bunch of backers dug up evidence that they’re associated with this 3d printer that still hasn’t shipped out yet on kickstarter. there was a thing where leafboard said digitaltrends was going to write about them, but they never followed back up with them. they also said that they’re based in walnut california, but i think they’re just a company in china.

idk man, it’s weird stuff. i didn’t trust it. i was looking at everything and i decided to just go with acton, they look way more reliable for a similar price

Ok thanks u guys mightive saved me 400euro. thanks

4 months delayed but at least there is some work being done. It’s gonna be a SPECAIL board. (I’m not a backer)

This was posted in their closed FB-group for backers by the page admin.


Digging this thread back up because I’m bored at work. Press reset has done a video on this board and it looks to be revamped with the new hobbywing esc and oled remote like the exway.

2 years is still a LONG time to be shipping a product. Hopefully they’ve finally worked it all out.

I did in fact order this, and did in fact receive it, albeit after 2.5 months (stated shipping time 8-15 days…). It came by rail once they had it finished, and was 30-35 days in transit from HK (I think)… So far it’s been good, light, and I’ve managed the top speed it states. I haven’t had the 12.4mile range they claim, more like 6, but I was gunning it about. They responded to some FB messages saying riding in mode 2 (of 3) got about 10 miles

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Thanks for following up, mind posting some pix so we can see what it actually looks like? I’m curious if it looks the same as the advertisements

IMG_20190318_073646 sure some attached now. Forgot to mention it did come with extra griptape, bushings, retractable lanyard thing t tool etc. Was $489 USD, about £380 for me in the UK

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Ok on my phone in web browser so only one uploaded for some reason, here’s one of the actual boardIMG_20190318_073421 !

And the back. Seems well made from what I can see IMG_20190307_073709

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