Would you ride an esk8 with a small trailer for batteries?

I carry beer in mine.

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@barajabali, your own backpack battery is a smarter idea at that. What happened to that project anyways? :yum:

Cheers Bro. :grinning::metal:

image image image This is it minus the power supply. I turned that into its own project which connects to the backpack I ended up buying a new backpack so it wouldn’t have the huge hole in it.


Wow. What’s the weight on that? How’s it feel wearing it on a long run? Range on what setup? Lol sorry im just drooling over here @barajabali


image It’s actually super light. Feels about the same as when I carry around my 7 amp charger and tool bag. It’s aboit 14 lbs or so. 12s9p It connects to all of my boards but mostly, I use it on my 4wd direct drive trampa which has about a 400wh battery on board giving me 10 miles with the board alone. Coupled with this 1.2kwh pack I get about 30 miles with 4wd :slight_smile:


Damn… want.


@barajabali, Wow!! …and I thought San Franciasco streets were the only ones like that. Wish not all are like those in Chicago.

Or get a backpack with batteries with a quick disconnect connection in case you fall off. It’s added weight on your back but it would probably be way more convenient than a trailer.

Lol should have read this before I made my post.

image image image pack

This has a 10S2P 26650 12Ah 444Wh pack with a 15A CCCV charging system and can charge the board main battery pack on the run . On my AT wheels it extends range by about 35km .

Will do a build post if any interest

porta%20pack%20mk2 26650%20cell


Wowwwww… so much range…:heart_eyes:

Yes we all like juicy build pics. Specially involving batteries. :pray: :grin:

Does this charge while you ride, through the bms?

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yeah - just charges through charger port

How does it affect the handling with all the extra weight up top and at the rear?

its about 1.8 kg total weight - no noticeable difference in handling

I want one badly. This thing appeals to my inner kid. How come nobody here has done it before? It makes AT wheels legit AF.

Imagine riding a freakin’ mini Hummer! :sunglasses: