Would you ride an esk8 with a small trailer for batteries?

I saw this video https://youtu.be/X-L88hga3Mo?t=356

And thought, maybe for long rides you could build a small trailer (maybe pennyboard size) to hook onto your longboard?

I made a small mockup;


Would you ride this or is this an insanely stupid idea?

With the added friction from the extra set of wheels, along with your board now having to accommodate a towing capacity, you’re much better off simply carrying them in a backpack. Maybe to account for the added weight, use a backpack with a waist strap.

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just plain stupid. just make a swappable battery and you are done.


I dont think its stupid

IT does have very minimal practical use though. I would only utilize this for the day I decide to break the world record on a single charge.


You can only ride for as long as the people with you. I suppose a ride long enough to involve a trailer battery would probably just bore me :smile:

not sure why the trailer here’s necessary, just put it in the center of the deck in between your feet…

similar to bara’s extended backpack battery, i made a small extended pack in a pelican 1200 that i can parallel to any of my boards. i can just set it in the center of the deck and you’ve got instant +560wh boost.


I feel like it would be a haste to go over bumps and the added cost of the other board 4 more wheels and some kind of connecting solution is just not practical.

like this guy?

My reason to use a setup like this would be; Esk8 only for day to day commuting, and the trailer for long runs to visit places out of town (a friend or parents). This way the aesthetics of the board wont be ruined by a pelican case between your feet.

I saw this video as well. This is not what you are really talking about, but when I saw this topic i thought this is what you were refering to.


Well I didn’t exactly nail the “small” part, but hell yes.

Just no. Put the extra battery in a backpack and rig up an extension.

(Not trying to be mean, but just no)


absolutely not lol

I tried this and I can tell you a few things by looking at this

First, the trailer has too many wheels and will instantly wipe-out. It can only have back wheels. Also, use steel bushings in that truck LoL.

Second, you have to put the battery under the deck or it will immediately flip over unless your hinge mechanism prevents that, in which case it’s jerking and pulling your back truck and trying to wipe-out the front board.

So you have to use huge wheels and the center of mass needs to be under the wheel axle. And only use two wheels in the back that don’t steer.

The trailer I made, I took apart again because it wasn’t practical.

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Just be careful carrying battery packs and mobbing. If u fall on ur extra pack it’s bad news

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I’ll just leave this here and casually walk away


You got a build thread on that or a how to

no…never done a build thread…but i’ll do one for the metasurfs that’s coming in the mail today.

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Im interested in a safe, practical battery/ range extender. There’s some cool trails just outside of town.

Really, That sounds like such a restrictive ride be careful you do not Jack knife when carving…just buy a bigger deck and put more below.