Wow! What a rush!

I just wanted to share my awesome buzz after a 5 mile or so blast around on some dirt tracks. I’m a surfer and honestly I feel just like I do after a great surf. It’s blown me away actually, when I started my build I had no idea just how fun the ride would be.

It turns heads too, no one around here has seen anything like it. A bunch of kids chased me to say “wow where did you buy that?!” Felt pretty good saying “I built it”.

Anyway, thanks for everyone on here who I silently stole ideas and learned from to make the build possible. Can’t wait for my next ride. Cheers!


Awesome! It’s always a great feeling to ride, do you have build log on here? I’d like to see it. If not, you should make one!

Yep, here it is: it’s sort of ongoing, I have a few plans to improve it still. Today’s ride was the first where it felt rock solid and I had the confidence to reach maximum speed :slight_smile:

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a loaded mtb! thats awesome!

Yea for you mate…

Can’t let the kids have all the fun

Awesome @dinodave !

I think there’s a difference between “riding” and “commuting.” I use my esk8 for both. While commuting is fun, nothing feels better than a ride just for the sake of the ride.

I think that’s why we’re all here.