Wowgo 2s esc with Maytech hub help

Good morning DIYers. I need some suggestions because I am having problem in getting a wowgo 2s esc to work with my Maytech 90mm hub motors. My setup is 10s2p li ion, Maytech hubs and wowgo 2s esc. I really like the Wowgo 2s remote thts why I selected this esc. Well my problem is that the hub motors jams up when I apply power. I can get the board to go up to like 3 to 5mph but when I add more power the hubs would just jam up makes suttering noices. The Maytech hubs works great with my other hub motor esc. I just don’t understand why the Wowgo 2s esc would not work. below is a video.

The Wowgo 2s ESC has a max output of 24 amps (12a per hub) , so that’s 432w per motor. Maytech hubs pull 800w each. with this ESC you’re better off getting some of the diyeboard 83mm 400w motors… plus those hubs have a solid core which rolls nicer than the maytechs and PU is easier to swap.


Well. Maytech hub is what i have and I can not justicfly buyung cheaper new hub motors. I just dont understand why my maytech hubs would not work with the wowgo esc.

Have you tried disconnecting the sensor wires? I had some issues with a DIYeboard esc and ended up switching up the hall sensor wires until it produced a smooth output.

Yes. I disconnected the sensor wires but still the same problem. What i am going to dotonigjt is try all the possible phases wire combo and test it out. There is only 9 phases wire combo I can try and do it on senseless mode.

I rewatched the video it sounds more like a mechanical issue then a phase wire issue. Have you tried opening up the hub motor?

I check yesterday and connected the hub motors to my old eBay esc and it work perfectly. I was able to reach 17 to 18 mph on my old cheap esc. But with wowgo it just jams up like some rocks were in the motors.

I would say it might be an ESC problem then. Switching the phase wires would just change the motor spin direction.

Yes. I think the esc is defective. Tonight the esc stop powering on. How wowgo will send me a replacement.

Did you get it? Did it work with the motors?

Wowgo 2s esc still not working. Wowgo customer service sucks. They promise everything but deliver nothing. I think my esc is defective now it would not even power on. I contacted their tech support and sent them videos of the problem but their respond was just wait and don’t worry. I waited 5 weeks to get the esc. It will take another 5 weeks till I get a replacement or refund or anything at all. My recommendation is stay away.

I have not had this experience with this company?!

It do take time to receive the order but they have always been very fast in answering and supporting all my questions.

I will stop recommend them for now until they sorted this issue with you, that really sucks!

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They will answer questions and reply your messages b4 you sent them your money. After they got your money that’s the problem.

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If you make a bad, biased youtube review, They would start paying more attention to your needs.

Just the way that it works, I notice “Keran meepo ceo” always replyies to neg/problem videos publicly saying “I’ll replace that, you just have to email me.”

It’s meepo vs wowgo vs teemo vs ownboard vs verreal; good PR is key for those Chinese board companies.

I’ll make this wiki so you can add Chinese boards to the list.

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I gave them a bad review on facebook and also voiced my disappointment on one of their YouTube videos then I messaged the CEO (Jason). I got a respond from their CEO promising a solution within 24 hours. Wowgo tech support contected me and was very pushy in trying to resolve my problem. Wowgo 2s esc and remote only work with wowgo motors and it could damage the esc if it is installed with other kind of hub motors according to wowgo tech support. I think it’s BS but he might be right.

I was offered a replacement esc and a set of used demo hub motors and trucks for $60. All I wanted was my money back but I guess I ended up spending more moneyspending . Wowgo was very concerned about me bad mouthing them.

Well, Yourewelcome @Wilsonliang777 you could like helpful comments and set them as the resolution :slight_smile: And you messed with the product If this was apple you would eat s**t, 60$ Is so they don’t feel a painful loss, This is a chinise company not boosted board with massive markups.

Aka you got a good deal, the damage was done cut your losses and be thankful. Please remove your ugly reviews too.

So does the wowgo esc work with maytech motors?

No. Wowgo tech support was not able to get it working. I ended up getting a refund.

Do you know why? did you re-arrange all the sensor wires? Even didnt work with the new replacement they sent you?

I deranged the wires and still no go. I did not get a replacement. I Ended up getting a refund.