WowGo 2S - Pro Riot Hybrid?

Hey guys, after nearly two years of nonstop riding, my trusty WowGo 2s has succumbed to the elements and is no longer rideable. Basically, the hub motors took more than a few beatings on these Central American roads. Other than the damaged hub motors, the WowGo still has a perfectly functioning Deck/ESC/Remote & Sanyo battery…

Anyway, to make a long story short, I recently got an Exway X1 Pro Riot package (which is awesome, but due to range limitations, I prefer the hub motors on the ExWay). This leads to the point of my post: I started thinking about the feasibility of installing the Pro Riot belt-driven assembly onto the WowGo. I’m wondering if any of you might have some advice about this? ExWay has its own unique system and I’ll have to figure out how to manually connect it, but my question is whether or not these two systems will be relatively easy to integrate together?

I see a 9 pin connection on the Exway X1 motors but bullet connecters on the X1 esc, so possibly an adapter in used in between. You’ll have to open up both boards and post pictures of each ESC to motor connection. Most things can be adapted, it may not be just plug and play. Even if you’re successful in swapping out the parts, belt systems often require different ESC settings and the wowgo isn’t likely setup for that. You’re best bet is to buy new wowgo hubs and have two boards.

the EXWAY & WOWGO both use a hobbywing ESC? If that is what is in the WOWGO it might be a matter of just getting the RIOT motor connectors adapted to match. So it might work with no problems.

However, be warned, there is no way to program the Hobbywing ESC. So, if the WOWGO (hobbywing) ESC doesn’t like the new motors you have wasted some time.

That’s why so many people eventually use VESC based controllers, they will work with any esk8 motor and are fully programmable.

In this case, you might need to look at something like the new FOCBOX TENKA, a dual VESC based motor controller, fully programable, and will allow you to tune for much better performance.

Sounds like you need a 9 pin higo breakout cable. The larger 3 cables will be your phase wires and the rest will likely be color codes for normal sensor readings