Wowgo 2S upgrade to Skullboard Airless wheels

Hey guys,

Have been wondering if I can upgrade the Wowgo 2S with the Skullboard Airless motors/wheels (check pics below).

Any thoughts on that? Will the motors/esc work? Can I do it as a straight swap (motors and wheels only) or would I have to buy the complete kit? (last picture)



They should both be 10s batteries so yeah, might have some trouble fitting a different ESC in, you should open your wowgo 2s first and measure the space

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So I would definitely need to change the ESC, or? Read on another post that a guy simply added another layer of rubber to the wheels to make them a bit larger, but can’t imagine how that would work…

If you have hub motors you can keep the esc

Mate. Do yourself a favour and avoid like the plague. These were slated when they came out a year ago. I had them as i needed a winter setup for my meepo build. They’re slow and inefficient. They chewed through my Sanyo tesla battery in minutes. The tread pattern gives off a annoying vibration at slow speed. There’s an new version which is better, you can get from boundmotor. Better tread pattern but like the 1st gen power hungry. Though they grip well on wet roads which is the sole reason i use them.

these motors are awful dont know why you would wanna switch but if you must buy some shrink wrap a soldering iron and new connecters no new esc necassary

hummm, sounds like a no go for theses airless wheels then… I really need something more “allroad” to handle the bumpy streets on my city, so if you guys have any suggestions, I would truly appreciate!

i have 100 mm meepo sleeves dose well on bumpy roads if i rember right wowgo is between 80-85 mm

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I also have a set of sleeves for the Wowgo (90mm), but they are just standard as the pre-installed ones when new. They are okeyish, but as I said the streets on my city are pretty bumpy, so I’m searching for another solution for it.

Read somewhere (reddit?) that someone installed (or simply recommended, can’t recall on that) some rubber sleeves to the wheels, making it not only larger as more comfortable to ride. Any thoughts on that?


Just found these online, will it work on the 2S? Seem quite similar:

really wouldnt risk it but you can if you must

What about the idea of getting a rubber sleeve to cover the wheels/motors?

that would work i guess but you will lose range and torque with slight speed increase why dont you go to E S K 8 n e w s .com typing like this so mods wont see

Get a AT Trampa set up! It will go anywhere you want on it! AWESOME

It does look great these Trampa setup, but how to adapt it (the wheels only) to my Wowgo 2S?

Are the wheels hub motors?

Yes they are, check picture below: