Wowgo hub—>belt!

Hey y’all!!! Finally got all my parts to change my wowgo over to a belt drive! Wish me luck haha.

I’m using: 2 torque boards 63/55 190kv motors Dickyho mounts and esc Torque boards pulleys Of course caliber 2 trucks and some cags!!! image

I think you have to get new eac too. If you are getting new esc you should just get 2 fsesc 4.12 for $100 and rc remote for $20. At the end you have a DIY board and not a wowgo.

link to where i can get 2 fsesc 4.12 for $100.

I’m just using this esc to tide me over until i can get a focbox unity in a couple months! Thanks for the suggestion!:grin:

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then their is no point in getting the tb 6355, the esc is actually the bottleneck, not the motors :stuck_out_tongue:

US $56.03 36%OFF | HGLRC FLIPSKY FS ESC Skateboard 50A V4.12 ESC Electronic Speed Control for Electric Skateboard RC Car Boat bike E-scooter Robot

When I order it like 3 months ago it was selling for $52 shipped. It’s a few dollars more know.

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Beat you to the punch lol :joy:

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I was trying to find the cheapest link closeest to $100.

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Are you saying the focbox unity isn’t good enough?

no im saying there is no reason to get better motors when you have a cheap esc

in fact, your declaration with the dual 6355 will probably be even slower as your wowgo esc is designed for hub motors

Ooooh I see! No I am using a belt drive esc from dicky ho. I will be switching it out once I get the cash. But I just wanted something to tide me over in the time being so I went with a cheap esc which is all I could afford at the time.