WSB Stealth motor mounts V2 - with covers and idlers

Stealth motor mounts - strong, light and modular! Mounts work great out of the box, add idlers and covers for more stealth and improved belt engagement.

Specs: -Black anodized aluminium brackets. -Black anodized 7075-T6 motor plate.

  • Uniq split clamping and dual screws to ensure maximum clamping strength. -Fits caliber truck. -Fully adjustable. -For 63mm motors. -Stainless steel hardware with Torx bolts. -Can be used with 9, 12 and 15* mm wide belts. Note for 15 mm wide belts you must use one extra speed washer. -Center to centre distance is 70mm. -3D printed belt cover in ABS available.
  • Idlers: These consists of two ball bearings, Ø16 ø8 W5 - Making the total contact to the belt 10mm.

So what is new or improved on the V2:

  • Changed material on the motor plate to aluminium 7075 - T6 instead of steel.
  • This, of course, makes the mounts significantly lighter, but also aluminium is awesome for cooling the motor, so basically the motor plate acts as a big heat sink.
  • Both motor plate and truck bracket is now CNC milled with countersink pockets for the screws, this improves the clearance for pulleys. I think it now should be possible to run 15mm wide pulleys with the mounts.
  • Added threaded holes for idlers on both sides on motor plate, can run one or two idlers! These are fixed so it is not possible to adjust on this version.

Pricing: Motor mount 35 € + shipping. Idler 6€ Cover 6€


Europe for one mount sent as letter (no tracking) Motor Mount only sent as letter 8 € Motor mount with 3D printed cover and idler 10 €

For two or more I need to check a bit more.

World: for one mount, sent as a letter (no tracking) Motor Mount only 10 € Motor mount with 3D printed cover and idler 12 €

Please note, 3D printed parts will not have the strength of injected moulded parts, the surface is also not great. To obtain a smooth finish like the pictures you will have to sand and paint the parts.

Tested pulley setups: 36-16, 36-15, 36-14 belt width = 12mm

More pictures and info to come!


Edit: Added pictures:

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Added sketch with measures. This config is also showing belt line with Ø16 x Ø8 W5mm bearings. Big pulley = 36, small pulley =16.


lol wat edit: oooohhh i get it nvm 10chars

Been waiting for this. Will take one full set (mount, cover, idler) shipped to Germany please.

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Very nice, saved for later !

Looks promising. Does the cover work with 107mm wheels? Is 6€ the price for one or both idlers?

Have you done testing with an idler? I find placement closer to the motor pulley vs wheel more effective. Also some pictures of how loose you can run the belt with idler without skipping would be great

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Looks great! Ordered via private messaged.

Is this thing on? I got no reply from you

Same. No reply yet @rojitor. He’s probably just busy.

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I got a reply early this morning but it was just about a question I had about the belt covers. No info on how to pay or my order.

@rojitor @HighMasterGogo

I will update with more pictures of belt line tomorrow (not on my cad pc now). Belt cover is made according to wheel size you use, so all the most common wheels should fit.

I will be very honest and say that if you are in a hurry to get a mount, especially with idler that will take some time. Just mount those are in stock ready to ship, so not a problem. Covers are printed as i said according to customers setup, takes some days. Idlers are for now done manually on a lathe and takes the most time. I also like to setup everything before I ship, take some pictures and send to confirm before I ship. But I do not charge anything before this is done.


That’s cool @WSB, Can I just get the mount for now please? Please PM me details. Thanks!

Thanks for the update. I’m in no hurry so it’s not a problem. Winters coming, so it’s going to be too icy to ride much anyway. You’ve my order, so just pm me when your ready to take my money.

interested in a mount with idler and cover…shipping to uk or ireland

Hi @WSB,

I’m interested in two mounts with covers and idlers with wheelsize 83mm please. Shipping to the Netherlands. Let me know how to proceed with payment.

Update coming the next couple of days. Added some new pictures to post 1 and 2 yesterday!


Time for an update and status.

I have been having some issues with the idler combined with the covers, the problem is two-fold:

  • Machining the idler to fit bearings inside is very time consuming on a manual lathe.
  • The outer diameter if the idler gets quite big and this again leads to very big outer covers - see pictures

As you see from the pictures the “bulges” to cover over the idler gets a bit big and can lead to ground clearance issues when running 83mm wheels. I am afraid this can smash into the ground and ruin the covers.

So my solution, for now, is to go for a bit smaller idlers, the setup now consists of:

  • Two bearings with the size Ø16 x Ø8 W5mm bearings. Total width is 10mm.
  • Use a special low profile screw (1.5mm) and a bushing Ø8 ø6.

With this setup it looks it will look like this:

Belt line:

Have made about 8 mounts with this setup.

Let me hear your thoughts about this setup. As it is now I am about break even with price of the idler, but I will be honest and say that I have not put many miles on this last setup and now there is snow here in Norway so no riding for quite a while!


Also added a more info and pictures in the first three posts with wheel size.