[WTB] 10s3p or 10s4p battery

Ideally with charge + discharge BMS.

Here’s the tricky part; I need this shipped to Mexico. DHL’s battery shipping policy to Mexico

If you think it’s worth your while, make me an offer.

You could use lipos, and I believe that @Eboosted makes segmented packs for trampas, you could talk to him

hi, i live in mexico city and want to do a Diy, but i dont want to buy the parts and wont be able to buy the batt, do you know how can i get a batt into mexico? because the only store that wants to send it to me its DIYeboards.com and i dont trust them a lot.

Haven’t had much luck yet, but if we can get enough orders it might be worth trying to get them shipped to the U.S. and then driven down to Mexico and distributed as such.

well i was going to try my luck with diyeboards 10s5p batt, they say they can ship to mexico, via dhl, and if something happends i just have to call my card company and cancel the payment.

cus i havent had luck with other companies, and if im not wrong here in mexico there are only 3 people on the esk8 community, you, another dude and me XD!!!

We build custom batteries and are located in Austin, Texas. I don’t think it would be to difficult to ship to you.