WTB 12s 2-4 amp charger US

As the title states. thanks



i need it from the US. cant wait for it to come from china

@psychotiller maybe? That’s what he sells with his batterys.


@accrobrandon was selling 12s 5amp I believe

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only 8amp for 12s so a 2p minimum pack with 30q or comparable cells… local pick up if you make it into manhattan lemme know!

Search “12s charger” on amazon, they got stuff on prime

Will this charge a 8s battery setup.

No. You need a 8s charger 33.6v charger

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@MannyM0E Thank you so much. My batteries weren’t charging with the 42v charger. Will they charge with the 8s charger?

if you have an 8s setup then you need an 8s charger…trying to use a charger rated for more than what you have is a bad idea. Using one less than what you have will only result in an under charged battery if it works at all.

Ok thanks.

the ones on amazon are only 1.5 amps.

8 amps is too much sorry

only for 13s or 10s

for a 2p its the max recommended, but for a 3p or more def a solid choice

my pack has no parralel

U have any @psychotiller

I have a 2a 12s. $20