WTB 12s li-ion charger

Anyone selling a 50.4V charger? Preferably between 6A and 12A … 0.5 to 1 C for a 4p 12Ah pack is reasonable right? Hoping for $50 shipped (the eBay price)

If you’re selling a 42V 2A charger too I’ll buy it for $10

You’re better off charging and safer charging a 12ah pack at .5C so the 6a would be better suited. Just my 2 cents worth.

Yeah 6 amps is arleady Preety high. 12 amps is just insane and I doubt your charge port can even handle that :rofl:

Would an XT90 and 12 gauge be good for a 8A charger?



Make sure to use a xt 90 antispark, so it doesn’t spark.

And xt 60 and 14 guage should be already Overkill. 12awg can handle 88a and a xt 90 can handle 90a lol

What’s so bad about sparks? Is it just annoying or does it cause problems with shorting and corroded contacts?

Yeah the contacts become dark and black and disgusting and it’s a fire Hazzard if you have a torch on next to your board with no flame :rofl:

Oof…I was gonna use compressed propane as a coolant for the batteries so they don’t get hot when charging

@accrobrandon has some sickass 8a chargers for decent price. Check them out