WTB 12s3p 21700 flat pack

Looking for a 21700 12s3p flart battery pack for my lycaon TRX 2.0 which is the same as the 3.0 minus the battery. I bought a stormcore 60d and love it. Its made a huge differance in power, so I added 6374 motors too. I had some people scare me about my battery blowing up because of to much amp draw. Id rather not take that chance. For now this board is my only transportation so mah does matter but most people are telling me to stick with the molice 21700 42a cells. I get about 30 miles with what I have now (12s4p samsung 35e cells) and It would really suck to lose to many miles but Im told it wouldn’t be as much as I was thinking (-5 miles). I have considered the eovan 21700 packs but I cant find enough good reviews on them to pull the trigger. With out using a pack, molice seems to be the cells I need but I am open as long as its enough amps and Amps a hour. I am ready to buy this pack now just need to find one that uis ready to ship.

These two can make the batteries if you are looking to buy. There are more but their website doesn’t really show the whole battery builds as these two.

Thank you so very much for that info. I sent a message/email out to big reds and skp doesnt list 12s3p on their site and I cant find a email address to contact them with. If you have a couple others, Id love to try and see where I get.

“For inquiries please email [email protected]

You can message them here. You’re welcome. You can ask for a custom pack. A 12s3p flat pack.

And since you are new, welcome.

Hey do you still need a pack? I can hook you up and for less than your offering.p42a or Samsung 40t. Both 21700. They are 12s4p but can make one 3p for you. $450