[WTB] 2 280mm HTD5 12mm belts. (Sweden)

Is anyone selling 2 280mm HTD5 12mm belts or know website located in Sweden where they sell belts? I know ElectricBoardSolutions sells them within EU but their shipping is so expensive and i don’t want to spent to much since i have already bought belts one time from diyelectricskateboard but they sent me the wrong size. ( I have spoken to diyelectricskateboard about it so they sent me the correct size but to the wrong address. They sent it to a city which is over 6 hours away from me so i won’t be able to pick it up and they wont send another one to the correct address).

Köp ifrån Amazon.co.uk elr .de de tar bara 3-5 dagar o frakten brukar va försumbart.

I have some 275 left over. Maybe they would fit as well…