WTB 2.4g reciever only

hi does anyone know where i can buy this reciever?

it’d be just as expensive as buying a new one from @JLabs. $30

Damn, do you know if anybody selling gt2b enclosure?

an assembled one or just the enclosure?

just enclosure i have the remote

thats the one by @MasterCho. simplest to do.

Tnx! 10cha

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yup! heres a tutorial: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/gt2b-mastercho-chozen-mod-full-length-tutorial-how-to/16005 someone else made a video a little bit ago but not sure. maybe @Mikenopolis?

edit: it was him! https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/gt2b-mod-video-tutorial-chozen-remote-case/37668


They sell just the receiver on banggood I think and there is a seller on eBay too


tnx everyone. i bought the gt2 enclosure from mastercho in the end. really good price for reenforced abs plastic. I think im gana give away the old remote for shipping charge only. soon as i get my controller back and running. i cant use it anymore but someone might.

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FYI the enclosure you get will have a slight stickiness to it. Just air it out for a day or two. Eventually it goes away

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