Wtb 2 6374 nyc asap

Looking for 2 6374 motors near nyc asap, not sk3 motors though

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maybe @scepterr can help?

Lol you sound desperate bro I’ve got 1x maytech 6374 170kv sensorless I might let go now that I have a 2nd 190kv sensored…

I pretty much am desperate, Ive been in this basement since I got home and I want to smash these sk3s lol

Im gonna hacksaw this thing off

can you offset them or diag?

If i put them in diag they hit the kingpin, or yknow. What I showed you last time how i cant pick the board up lol, and I tried offset but the GODDAMN 3 MM NIPPLE STICKING OUT

I swear hardened steel is immune to hacksaws or something