WTB 200mm RKP Surfrodz truck kit (or parts- adjustable baseplates) (black red)

I’am looking for a set of SR rkp trucks, with 80mm axles. Mostly what I’m looking for are the adjustable base plates. Anyone have anything? I have checked over 20 shops with no luck, Looking for black or red parts.

I know they don’t have them on the website but you can get the trucks from surf rodz them selfs so you atleast have the trucks and can get the baseplates later

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Probably won’t find adjustable RKP basplates for sale.

Surf Rodz hasn’t made them in a while, they are a very cool product though.

I am trying to get a damn group buy together and we definitely have the numbers, but SR can be so damn dodgy.

I am going to annoyingly call them again today. Keep an eye out for a GB post for whenever I can nail them down to something.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Like @briman05 said, I would go ahead and buy the trucks and the add then baseplates when we can get this going.

The adjustable baseplates typically come on their own anyway (though I am trying to change this for the group buy of course. More options the merrier)


I have a hard time getting a response from them, so just started looking for vendors or people who might have some. Would gladly join a group buy.

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Sounds good. A lot of folks are eager to get their hands on some.

Especially since @3DServisas has Surf Rodz style hangers now to accomodate their gear drives…

Just look at this.

20190116_130747 20190114_210923 20190114_211103 20190116_130059 20190116_130741 20190114_191328 20190116_130053 20190114_190702 20190116_130736 20190116_130113 20190116_130105