WTB 245kv Motor!

Looking to buy a 245 kV motor. I can’t seem to find one anywhere. They are all on back order or out of stock. Also a VESC but I know that’s a shot in the dark.

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You could get a Power 160. From what I’ve heard, they’re essentially Tacon 160’s at triple the cost, or you can just wait for Tacon 160’s and sk3’s to be back in the stock. As for the VESC, I know @Blasto was selling VESC 4.7’s.


There’s no way I’m paying that. Would rather buy torque boards 6374 motor.

I know. It was meant as a joke. lol Any particular reason you want a 245kv motor over something else?

where are you from… I bought mine on the german ebay site… shipping to europe was ok!

245kv 63… motor


I’m running 6s and my last setup was 245 kV and the speed and torque was perfect! Bump!

Oh nice. I’m gonna be running dual 245kv tacon 160’s with 8s on a 36:16 gear ratio. That’ll be fun. :sunglasses:

This is one I saw a while back. I’m not sure if it’s any good. It has the same naming scheme and kv as the Tacon 160, so it may be a the same with a different housing? Note that is has a 10mm shaft.



Yea I believe that’s the only one in stock anywhere right now. I may give it a try. My tacon 160 was perfect hopefully this is the same.

Be sure to let us know if it’s a motor worth considering if you do pick it up.

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I’ve got a brand new sk3 245kv motors up for sale! pm me if interested. Will be making a post soon. (SOLD!)