WTB 2x Motor Pulley

I got a steel pulley stuck to a motor shaft after using loctite bearing retainer. Bought a bearing puller and ended up pulling the shaft off the motor… I need two more motor pulleys, somewhere between 14-16 teeth. Wanted to check here before buying it directly from BKB. Located in Los Angeles, Ca.

What width?

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15mm Located in Los Angeles, Ca. 10char

I think @longhairedboy just got a bunch of pullys in stock. I’d recommend @psychotiller since he’s west coast based but i think he’s not home for a few days if you’re hoping for something to ship quickly.


I might go to @marcmt88 also know as Janux soon to pick up some, pm me

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Thanks for the mention but I’m in the UK, lots of options in the US :+1:t2: