(WtB) 3D print service MadMunkey/Sparkle

Looking for 3D printed service again, these time a remote case for my gt2b. Was looking on eBay to see if @MasterCho had some but unfortunately not :weary: If someone has one for sell let me know too. If not I’ll like one of theses remotes. They look promising. I live in California please let me know what you think


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I don’t think the Stl files are available for others to use. I did try to find them but didn’t have any luck, maybe I am wrong though

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Hmm maybe… I thought some people where able too print them out

Maybe idk, I would be great if they were released. I’ll try print one if someone has the files

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Is it this one? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1550237

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Yea that one could work too :slightly_smiling_face: You print those ?

I printed one for myself. I’m in the UK, you might find someone closer to you. If you search skateboard controller on thingyverse there’s a load of them.

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@bigben how did yours come out @pat.speed What you think ? Think you could print out the sparkle or madmunkey ?

It was ok, I rubbed it down ready for painting as i used support on the outside so the inside was clean for the install of components. I have sat looking at it since because i never found a complete idiots guide to installation.

the sparkle files are definitly free to use on thingiverse. sure @okp would be happy to get a donation for it , but in gerneral everybody can print them. I like the sparkle very much. lays super ergonomic in the hand and is compact. The nice thing about it, there is also a full tutorial on youtube, how to assemble everything.

If you need somebody to print, i could print you one, but keep in mind, i´m far away too… :rofl:

The mastercho is also the sparkle? I didn’t know that, that’s probably why I could never find it.

@MannyM0E I can see, Idk how well it will workout, my printer is only cheap and I’ve only got some pla on hand. If it goes well I could send you one. I live in Aus btw

No they not the same.

I’m on this.

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Yeah I didn’t think so, didn’t mastercho take the sparkle and alter it a bit or something


Yea let me know which one will be more convenient for you bro

@pat.speed :weary::weary: damn I’m looking for local atm

I casted this. Still has kinks to sort out. I’m in San Diego image image


Very interested in this :heart_eyes:

If I could transfer my firefly internals to this, it would be spicy :sunglasses:

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i would be interested also - are you selling it?

Looking for service again MasterCho finally gave a link too his remotes. Let me know please

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I’m gonna print some this weekend, if gold ABS is ok I’ll try and print you one.

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