WTB 40T wheel pulley for ABEC core

Looking for a 40 tooth wheel pulley for an ABEC super fly/fly wheel/whatever for my new DC motor Metroboard conglomeration of parts

Shipping to Delaware

Will 3D printing PLA work?


$25 is kinda a lot for a single pulley isn’t it?

the fuhhh…? that’s the cheapest 40t pulley around. lol

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Oof…I’d rather drill it out of a bunch of aluminum plates and bolt them together

i have a couple sets of dickhos stuff around… all good stuff… shipping combines if you keep buying things so thats always a bonus…still gonna take a couple weeks from china tho


Another thread by you…

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I’m making 3 boards right now…I’ve never made one before so I’m totally clueless…and this gives me something to do since I’m really bored otherwise…what do you expect?

Use the search bar?a

I do…most of the time people don’t sell a single pulley

Lol ok :joy::joy:

I can ask to have all the old posts deleted but I think they still show up