[WTB] 63mm motor mount for evolve trucks

I’m looking for a motor mount to be able to use 63mm based motors on evolve trucks. I know that there are the unik mounts (https://www.unikboards.com/en/boutique/core-serie-support-moteur-pour-truck-evolve-supercarve-street-et-at/) but they are out of stock.

Any alternatives in a comparable price range? They should be shipped to germany.

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Thx, saw that but with $170 they are very expensive.

Maybe you should add a price range. Idk. That might help

Ideally the price would be something like ~$70. That would be comparable to the ones from unik.



@Rithblu, I cannot find the mounts for Evolve at your site

Unik’s are the simplest among the threee major Evolve mount suppliers: Janux, ATC or Unik


I’ve been really busy, not sure about what I’m going to do about making them yet.

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Thanks all for support. I was able to get two mounts :slight_smile:

Which ones? From a store or someone?

From @danieloath

Australia? What type?

This type :slight_smile: 7075, polished and anodised. ~2

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I like how you can adjust the angle a bit. Are you Australia based?

I am in Sydney, Australia, brother :slight_smile: Thanks!

I’m looking for 63mm motor mounts for the Evolve GT trucks. I am located in New York, USA.

@danieloath How much for the mounts and to ship to USA?

Legit store

Thinking of starting a group buy on 63mm evolve motor mounts as I didn’t find them anywhere in Europe. Anyone interested? CNC machined aluminum 7075 black anodized