WTB a board for under 300

Hey, I wanted a new esk8 as I previously had bought the sucky acton blink for a large sum and I was wondering if anyone is willing to sell me a board under 300 dollars that goes over 20mph and has about 12 mile range. Thx

V1.0 $279 11 miles range 22mph

And why did you have to open another thread?

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It cost 100 dollars for shipping and idk

Dude just buy a bike…this is not the hobby for being cheap unfortunately


My longboard setup is almost 300 lol

well you can always build your own!

Those specs don’t equate to your price especially not if you want reliable

It’s also not a hobby if you sold your car… If you still use a car, it’s a hobby




https://goo.gl/images/ydkGer Under 300 Infinite miles 60+mph


U could salvage some of the parts from your old board and built a new electric skateboard for $300. Ppl here r right $300 is not enough and building a board is not cheap. this is an expansive hobby. I could have purchased a Bamboo GT with all the money I spent on my boards.

I want to make my board go at least 12-13 miles. What batteries do u think I should get that are 30 dollars each.

LIPO BATTERIES WITH xt60 connectors

Look on the forum, but yeah, Hobbyking lipos with >20c is good There is a 5s battery on HK for 25 Bucks, 50 for 2. Boom 10s for 50 bucks

Great news, I found one. It’s $169 https://koastal.co/collections/koastal-longboard-collection/products/koastal-47-orca-longboard-cruising-carving-longboard-skateboard-complete