WTB A board to use as a base for my DIY project

As the title says: I need a board to modify with electronics for my first DIY board. Couldn’t seem to find one on craigslist, and all ones I’ve seen have waaayy to small wheels and trucks.

The motor is 260kv with a 6s LiPo in case it matters.

So you’re looking for a complete board? Deck, trucks, & wheels compatible for esk8?

Location helps*

Ya. Since I know a bit about electronics, but almost nothing about putting together the board and all the stuff around that, figured it would be better just to buy one.

Location is around Los Angeles

Typically people buy them piece by piece. But if you can find a deck with caliber ll trucks that will work. You can’t use most longboard trucks unless you plan on designing your own motor mounts. Most of the decks we use aren’t intended for for giant 100mm+ wheels. But risers fix that usually.

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I’m selling a landyachtz Evo 39’’ Skate and Explore, PM me if interested

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I would be interested, but your profile is hidden, so I’m not able to PM you.


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I’m surprised you can’t find used longboard decks for sale. I don’t do much on Facebook, but a Marketplace search with a 10 mile radius in my smaller-than-LA town always has a few from $10-50 for sale.

I’ll look around a bit more. So, I would have to buy a board separate then use the esk8 trucks? Couldn’t just get one prebuilt?

Thank you for the help.

Motors mounts are not universal. If you’re planning on anything other than hub or direct drive you need caliber ll trucks or Ecaliber trucks or tb218 trucks or surfrodz trucks or Evolve trucks. Yes you can find pre assembled boards with caliber trucks. But its much much much easier to just pick a deck and order trucks. If this step is to difficult go buy a meepo or boosted board maybe.

Took me 3 mins to find multiple used decks with caliber truck.