WTB A set of 6355 190kv motors, new or second hand

Looking for two 6355 (not bigger!) motors with ~190kv. Motors have to be sensored.

for example:

For shipping reasons; EU ONLY I would prefer second hand sets


Why the shortened URLs?

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They look purdy & won’t break in any reader

To keep the post clean and easier to read.

I don’t like clicking on links if I can’t see the destination, and I don’t like doing a bunch of work to unshorten them. It’s silly, really

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I edited the post for you

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there is a hobby king sk8 motor that is 6354 and 200kv

I have 190 kv sensored motors in stock:

Street Wing is based in the UK so EU based for a little while longer anyway


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I got mine from @torqueboards https:///products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv?variant=712504606743

Been rock solid so far, decent price. They are getting a new home :slight_smile: image