WTB ABEC 11 83mm flywheels

I’m looking for some ABEC 11 83mm flywheels, new or used. Preferably 75a durometer. US shipper plz.


They have 75a in stock Free shipping

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I saw that, was looking to get them a little cheaper if possible. Not sure that 83mm will work for my project so I didn’t wanna break the bank :grinning:.

$70 is a great price for new… I’ve seen them go for over $100 on eBay

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Wow, didn’t realize they were so.pricey. I bought a set of 97s from Ollin for less than that. I might just have to bite the bullet and see if it works.

I’m trying to tone down the initial take off if a really small board by using 11t motor pulleys and 83mm wheels I stead of 15t and 97mm.

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A much easier way to tone down the takeoff would be to lower motor max current.

It’s the eBay dual ESC I’m working with. Not possible with it unfortunately. Trying to marry it rideable for my wife and daughter.

I used to run Car Esc’s on 12s. Very hard to control the power. Very jerky. And that with dual Carvon 145kv direct drive. dropping voltage might help smooth it out some.

This is an ESC made for skateboards.


It’s surprisingly good, not as good as a VESC but still decent. With 97mm wheels and a 15/36 pulley setup the initial acceleration is a little bit. It would be easy to resolve with a vesc but no such luck with this one. I’m thinking a smaller motor gear and/or smaller wheel the problem will go away.

Wouldn’t the smaller motor pinion and smaller wheels make for a faster take off and give it more torque?

I went up in motor pinion to 16t from 13t and up in wheel size to 97mm from 83mm to reduce the take off jolt.

Unless you mean tone down the amp draw?

Its the speed of the initial acceleration that is the problem. My thinking is smaller wheels and smaller motor pulley equal less speed, but I don’t really know. I’m just experimenting here :slight_smile:.

This is a board I built just because, but my kid really likes the spud 29 so I’m trying to make him a small board to compliment his caldera on 6 shooters. Im also building another for me but using x2 FoxBox’s, 97mm Flywheels, 10s4p (30Q) battery pack on a Jet Spud 29.

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Yup that’s how I work stuff out too :slight_smile:

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I have a set of Abec11 83mm 75a’s I could sell you… PM me if interested