WTB - ABEC or Kegel pulley in australia [urgent]

Hey guys, i’m looking for a 15mm wheel pulley where I do not have to cut my trucks (as my old set snapped) 3d printed is fine, but will take anything that can be used without cutting the trucks.

If someone would be able to print one of these in 36T/15mm that would work great:


Let me know, happy to pay + express post

I have both in stock ready for immediate shipping. They are 12mm but I also have belts available.

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How long is shipping to australia, and how much?

Could be one to two weeks. It is all calculated at checkout.

As per the OP, looking for something ASAP w/ 1 day shipping (hence ‘in australia’ in title). Already purchased pulleys from the USA but they will take too long to come.

Sorry someone does not have motor pulleys to print in 15mm 3d

Not sure what you mean?

Because the shipments are very expensive or very late to my country I thought to use a motor pulley inpressed in 3d in my city alone that I am pesimo to draw in cad (drawing with feet lol) then I wanted to know if someone from the community would have a Model that lends me to inprice it in 3d

Find someone local to 3D print it for you. You could use a service like 3dhubs.com.