WTB battery spot welder

No, look at @stormboard1’s diagram above. In that image the first one would be 2S1P and the second would be 1S2P for those hypothetical 6V cells


Ok that illustration helps.

Yeah that makes sense now, lol, thanks guys :):blush:

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That’ll make things much easier for how I plan to build the battery pack.

I guess this would work too then right?

I got this one, still kicking in:

Hard to tell from the picture… Is it a parallell or serial connector?

looks like a series connector to me.

how? it looks like parallel to me, wouldn’t a series have only one connector on each end? How would this make sense to be a series lol

You would have to short the other side of the XT-90

you can see the green circle shows the positive and negative poles of the wire being next to each other. those pins are bridged on the other side of the connector and pos from 1 connector goes to pos in the main connector. neg from the other connector goes to neg in the main connector.

as compared to a parallel connector, like this one image you can see that the poles are on the same side. and the pins on the other side are not bridged, making parallel

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Okay I see what you are saying but why would anyone make a series connector like that? It seems like a waste of the connector on the other end